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Raustin # Posted on 2011-11-01 at 07:28PM UTC

After a little advice if anyone can offer it. Had a look on the forum but couldnt seem to find anything that would answer this.

Burnt a back up of space marine using burner max firmware and it verified ok in imgburn.
Then I ran it through Kprobe.

When the actual scan was complete I had the following:
PI MAX = 14, Average = 1.95, Total = 7332
PIF MAX = 2, Average = 0.23, Total = 858
Errors: 1

Have done 3 copies and Im getting the same result yet never any errors when burning?

even though the PI and PIF numbers are within the recommended margin, should i avoid using this burnt game because of the 1 error, even though it never showed up when burning or verifying?

could it be a problem with the iso?
Im using verbatims and all other XGD3 backups show no errors

Ta for any help anyone can offer