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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-11-04 at 01:20PM UTC

if m$ cant or just r not yet checking the pi with all the info foating about im sure it wont be long. people its best to keep little said about things such as this and limit it to a few sites less likely to be trolled by ms. we give them there ideas lots of times. just my thoughts quick u help alot bro and its always good info. props to u bro. but cant help sum and if they cant get it they shouldnt be doing it. 2 many noobs now that has no business flashing there consoles now and dont respect the scene . started out going to help as well but they dont deserve it so let the banhammer fall where it does and those that get hit its on them. i pick and choose the ones i help from here on out . and most likely wont say current @ this site there is no order here . and it was prob made for no other reason but to keep the noobs of irc lol but. agian props to u quickmythril

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