TX and C4eva Defeat All 360 Slim Drives with PCB & LT Ultimate! *UPDATED*

The wraps have finally come off what Team Xecuter recently teased as "The Lord of the Hacks – One Xbox 360 Drive to Rule Them All". The surprise is a new Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB universal for all Xbox 360 Slim DVD drives (Lite-On DG-16D4S 9504/0272/0225/0401/1071, Lite-On DG-16D5S 1175/1532, Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502).

In addition to this astounding feat, and equally amazing, is c4eva's creation of a new firmware in the Lite Touch line, dubbed "LT Ultimate", or "LTU" for short. LT Ultimate has been developed specifically for use with the new Slim DVD PCB, and is safe for use on Xbox LIVE and when performing dashboard SystemUpdates. Unlike previous firmwares, LT Ultimate boasts an incredible new feature that allows it to function without needing a previous full fw dump; only the DVD key is required! LT Ultimate will initially be released as v1.0, and consists of a single firmware file, containing all the necessary code to function with each of the Slim DVD drives, and JungleFlasher handling the selection and programming of it for the appropriate drive model and firmware version.

LT Ultimate is based on LT+ v3.0, so nothing has changed with respect to ripping, ISO structure, or AP2.5 Topology Data requirements. As was the case with LT+ v3.0 for Lite-On DG-16D4S, support is retained for truncated XGD3 backups by LT Ultimate on Lite-On DG-16D4S & DG-16D5S and Hitachi DLN10N, but their use is strongly recommended against.

Additional information concerning the key dumping process will be announced soon.

To be absolutely clear, and to mitigate the inevitable deluge of repeat questions, the new Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB is for Xbox 360 Slim DVD drives only, and the LT Ultimate firmware can only be used in conjunction with the new PCB — it cannot be flashed to original Slim drive PCBs or the old TX v1.0/v1.1 PCBs.

LT Ultimate is now currently "in testing", and the Firmware Status table on c4evaSpeaks.com has been updated accodingly to reflect the new version and statuses, as well as on the dedicated LiteOn1175.com and LiteOn1532.com landing pages.

*UPDATE* [2012-10-30 08:11AM UTC]
With Team Xecuter's official annoucement today of the associated products (CR3 Pro and CR3-DGX), we're now able to publicly clarify that, contrary to an earlier statement made by c4eva on 2012-08-19, RGH (Reset Glitch Hack) is in fact required for DVD Key retrieval from all newer drives; Lite-On 1175/1532 DG-16D5S, and Hitachi 0500/0502 DLN10N.

To break it down a bit, these are the DVD Key retrieval RGH requirements:

  • DVD Key retrieval from Lite-On 1175/1532 DG-16D5S on kernel 2.0.14XXX.0 or lower, requires CoolRunner Rev. A/B/C, CR3 Lite, or CR3 Pro (Slim version).
  • DVD Key retrieval from Lite-On 1175/1532 DG-16D5S on kernel 2.0.15XXX.0/2.0.16XXX.0 and higher, requires CR3 Pro (Slim version) + CR3-DGX.
  • DVD Key retrieval from Hitachi 0500/0502 DLN10N on kernel 2.0.14XXX.0 or lower, requires CoolRunner Rev. A/B/C, CR3 Lite, or CR3 Pro (Slim version).
  • DVD Key retrieval from Hitachi 0500/0502 DLN10N on kernel 2.0.15XXX.0/2.0.16XXX.0 and higher, requires CR3 Pro (Slim version) + CR3-DGX.

The CR3-DGX is an add-on that connects to the CR3 Pro and aids in CPU/DVD Key retrieval for systems on updated kernels 2.0.15XXX.0/2.0.16XXX.0 and higher. Until now, these systems were unable to have their keys retrieved by normal means due to Microsoft's thwarting of the "XOR hack" as of the 2.0.15572.0 update, which added a new key to the RC4 key hash calculation.

With the new Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB, LT Ultimate, and now Team Xecuter's other newly-introduced products, all 360s can now be RGH'd and all DVD drives can be flashed — a truly momentous point in Xbox 360 scene history!

*UPDATE* [2012-10-31 11:53PM UTC]
On IRC today, c4eva made a statement clarifying why it was originally thought that the Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S would not require RGH for DVD Key extraction. This should clear up people's confusion, and hopefully put an end to the silly rumors that there was a secret non-RGH method for grabbing the Key.

[2012-10-31 11:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> the key originally dumped from 1175 drive is an aes key,but it was not the dvd key as originally thought. This aes key will still be dumped by the flashing process as it is unique per drive!
[2012-10-31 11:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> for 1175/1532 the dvdkey and realtime fw checks have been moved into the drive cpu, complicating things a bit! :)

Below is a demo video from Team Xecuter showing the new Slim Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB in action with c4eva's LT Ultimate firmware on a Lite-On DG-16D5S 1532:

Source: c4eva, Team Xecuter

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331 Responses to TX and C4eva Defeat All 360 Slim Drives with PCB & LT Ultimate! *UPDATED* (Including 68 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Goldeneye says:

    hahaaa, Awesome work c4e and TX!

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  2. avatar kio says:

    Very good news thk you a lot

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  3. avatar Geoica says:

    This is great…thanks C4eva and TX Team!

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  4. avatar nicolamacario says:

    grande c4eva sei immenso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. avatar HeroJop says:

    good news!!!!!I I waited for a year

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  7. avatar Rio says:

    thx it was a long waiting but after all merit

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  8. avatar zh says:


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  9. avatar bmdMatheus says:

    Thanks C4eva and Team Xecuter, you can not imagine how we in Brazil are happy and joyful … UUHUUUUL … '

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  10. avatar lolbox360 says:

    F***K YEAH!FINALLY!I thought this won't happen for years

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  11. avatar Mikhail says:

    will jungleflasher take a key? or new method?

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  12. avatar Seroha says:


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  13. avatar random007 says:

    just 2 days before hitachi 0500/0502 was in testing.i thought i would take at least 3 months to make the fw but here is the team with fw for alll the drives.u are the best guys keep on the good work

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  14. avatar Osca Rai says:

    Can I enter on XBOX LIVE with this new PCB?


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  15. avatar MR HADOUKEN says:

    c4eva is a Beast

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  16. avatar mykel says:

    absolutely amazing i love it. hey c4eva when your done with this you think you can work with the R4 people cause i want a 3DS r4 chip like yesterday hahahahaha.

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  17. avatar jacobwillis says:

    Admin,The original post says "Tested and 100% complete".,but here its still in testing.

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  18. avatar silvercin says:

    C4eva estoy tan emocionado los quiero mucho :D

    Una pregunta porfa ayudenme tengo 1175 puedo en este momento actualizar a la ultima version disponible en xbox live y no habra problema para tener LT ULTIMATE… Me gusta jugar en xbox live :D

    Saludos y muchos kiko jaja :D

    One question I have ayudenme porfa 1175 I can now upgrade to the latest version available on Xbox Live and there will be no problem to have LT ULTIMATE … I like to play on Xbox Live :D

    Greetings and many kiko haha

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  19. avatar ashil says:

    Please find a way to burn xgd3 in other media other than verbatim….
    Thanx a lot

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    • avatar yanito says:

      Mate,there is a reason why its better to use Verbatim.They maybe are a little bit expensive than the other medias,but you have to pay for the quality,don't you think?

      1 – You can keep Verbatim medias more longer than the others medias.
      2 – When you buy a Verbatim spindle,all your discs will be good to
      burn,and not 30% of them like cheaper medias.
      3 – To burn XGD3 games successfully,you need to burn on all the surface of your disc,especially the extreme part on the corner.With cheaper medias,this part is often blank.You can in reality burn 8,2 GB or 8,3 GB,instead of 8,5 GB.Verbatim don't have this problem.

      If you want to use them,it's up to you,but you will have a truncated game.You already know the consequences.

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      • avatar jT says:

        You're 50% wrong – in the media dept.

        Once the iHAS Burner & IMGBurn Settings are tuned-in (OPC & HT – Google this) to your particular PC and Brand of Media. After a few test burns, You (or myself for example), will eventually get consistent burns. The burn quality will only get better as the OPC isn't cleared and the initial Settings aren't modified.

        However, you will achieve slightly better Kprobe 2 results with Verbatim (I emphasize Slightly) per my experience since iHAS FW was released; but will still achieve good enough quality results with the Media Brand that I mention (below).

        WinData DVD+R DL 8x 8.5GB (I used to be a huge Verbatim Fanboy, until I pulled the trigger on the infamous Brand)

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  20. avatar Nightrider says:

    Great job guys!!
    I like to know how can we get the dvd key of a DL10N DVD drive key?

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  21. avatar DeadMeow says:

    That new LTU is ONLY for that new PCB or it will also be compatible with our current original PCBs with LT 3.0?

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  22. avatar David says:

    So do you wanna flash your Hitachi and your slim Lite-On? Then you need to buy the replacement PCB…
    :o kay:

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  23. avatar jT says:

    "LT Ultimate has been developed specifically for use with the new Slim DVD PCB, and is safe for use on Xbox LIVE and when performing dashboard SystemUpdates. "

    Good. Soon we can stop quoting the word "safe" whenever a newb asks, "is it safe if on xbox live??".

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    • avatar jT says:

      "LT Ultimate has been developed specifically for use with the new Slim DVD PCB, and is safe for use on Xbox LIVE and when performing dashboard SystemUpdates."

      Good. Soon we can stop quoting the word "safe" whenever a newb asks, "is it safe on xbox live??".

      like I said:
      Osca Rai says:
      2012-10-29 at 02:08PM UTC | Report | Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 7

      Can I enter on XBOX LIVE with this new PCB?


      great work C4EVA and Team X~

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  24. avatar joaco_sur_15 says:

    So.. This is the end of the "flashing original drive", for now we need a extra PCB, for all slim drive.. Maybe c4eva only work in the LTU flash in the future and no LT+, if im right, if you have a 0225 drive, with the kamikase hack for example, you need this especial PCB for access to the new CFW vercion when the LT+ 3.0 come old with a new M$ update.. I think it was because you can not access venedor mode in the new drives for a FW drump, only we can get the dvdkey..
    Sorry if my english is bad.. That is my opinion..

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  25. avatar klever says:

    tem como eu mudar a atualizaçao do meu xbox 360 slim (B.

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  26. avatar Some Noob Of Some Sort says:

    Does this means the pcb for only DG-16D5S is not coming out any more…

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  27. avatar undivided says:

    I don't believe this was answered but are the other TX replacement PCB's still good to go with the new FW and if not will vendors be offering refund swaps ?

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  28. avatar vico says:

    So, for us with a Lite-On 02510C (DG-16D2S):
    Any info if we are "Live-safe" to update to the latest dashboard (2.0.16197.0)? (I'm still on 2.0.15574.0)
    (k, k, I know we are never 100% safe, but you know what I mean)

    Or we will need to wait for an LTU as well?


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  29. avatar anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, have been waiting for more than a year now. I really appreciate your work C4 and team! Keep up the modding!

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  31. avatar cyrusXmods says:

    WOW! This is incredible. I mean here everyone is thinking that the new fw that is being worked on is only for the 1175. Then all of a suden c4eva announces a flash for every slim dvd drive including the brand new Lite-on 1532 drive and even the slim Hitachi drive! this is amazing thank you so much c4eva and Team Xecuter for all of your hard work. I personally have a 1071 slim drive that has been flashed, but just to see this amazing progress is the flashing community is just amazing.

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  32. avatar crouch says:

    is there a problem if updated to the new dashboard before i flash my xbox 360 with your new fw mine is 1175

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  33. avatar Err says:

    Good to know even tho i don't have a slim.

    From what i understand you don't need to revert back to stock everytime a new dash update comes out…thats cool.

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  34. avatar AECorp says:

    Hi, i'm from colombia and my english is pretty bad, but if i'm right all the 360s slim can be "flashed" to read game copys with this new Lt ultimate, right?

    But i dont understan one thing whant means P-C-B? as i said my english is bad and i don't know what means that.

    "To be absolutely clear, and to mitigate the inevitable deluge of repeat questions, the new Unlocked DVD Replacement PCB is for Xbox 360 Slim DVD drives only, and the LT Ultimate firmware can only be used in conjunction with the PCB — it cannot be flashed to original Slim drive PCBs."

    What mean when they say "it cannot be flashed to original Slim drive PCBs."

    My xbox 360 has been never opened or something its just like it was when i bougth it (it has a hitachi drive). is the LTU compatible with it?

    Sorry for the large comment but i was so happy when i read the topic, and i want to be sure if this Lt ultimate will help me.

    Thanks so much C4eva and team xecuter!

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  35. avatar andrea says:

    please can you answer my question:
    how to extract the key from the liteon 16D5S 1175, with RGH?

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  36. avatar samee says:

    am sorry for this but i have a question to the admin..

    what is the RGH and FW?

    am totally new bought xbox for me and my little brother to have fun and very excited for the news that it is in testing although this is the fastest one for hitachi lol

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  37. avatar lolbox360 says:

    I read this and still don't understand:lite-on 1175 will be unlocked with new LTU or no??

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    • avatar admin says:

      What part are you confused about? You would to RGH to key the DVD Key, then use the PCB together with the LTU fw.

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      • avatar Vale says:

        will the CR3-DGX needed to rhg the consolle able to be reused? I mean, can we rhg, get the DVD key, un-rgh and flash the drive and then reuse the CR3-DGX/CR3 used for the first rhg to rhg and un-rhg another consolle and so on?

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        • avatar admin says:

          Yes, that's exactly right. The CR3-DGX has nothing to do with the actual RGH glitching, so after you've used it to retrieve the CPU/DVD Key, it and the CR3 Pro can be removed and re-used to extract keys on another 360.

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  38. avatar crouch says:

    can some one answer me about this?
    is there a problem if updated to the new dashboard before i flash my xbox 360 with your new fw mine is 1175
    as my dashboard is the last one before the newest

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  39. avatar M3ph1st0r says:

    desculpa minha ignorância, mas se eu intendi bom e preciso primeiro instalar o rgh do videogame para depois extrair a key do dvd 1175, ou estou enganado.

    se for o caso posso eu colocar o dvd 1175 em outro videogame que ja esta com o rgh e extrair a key do dvd 1175

    abreu e lima – pernambuco – brasil

    excuse my ignorance, but if I intendi good and precise rgh install the game first and then extract the key dvd 1175, or am I mistaken.

    if so can i put the dvd 1175 in another game that is already with the rgh and extract the key from dvd 1175

    abreu and lime – Pernambuco – Brazil

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  40. avatar maddogtime says:

    Both happy and sad about this.

    Fantastic! work by c4eva and the tx crew, no doubt about it. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication to the constant evolution of the x360. #humbled

    Sad, because it seems to leave all of us who cant solder to save our lives, out in the cold watching the LT Ultimate party through the windows… :(

    Oh well, time to buy that used, ancient model xbox and LT 3.0 hack it – lol :)

    Cheers and well done none the less!

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  41. avatar mario2010 says:

    What about RGH for Xbox 360 slim systems with Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S on kernel 2.0.13146.0? You only mention 2.0.14XXX.0 or lower so I understand 2.0.13XXX.0 is not included in these series. Thanks.

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    • avatar admin says:

      Just as it says — "or lower", meaning anything 2.0.14XXX.0 or earlier, such as 2.0.13XXX.0, 2.0.12XXX.0, and so on. If yours is on 2.0.13146.0, it can be RGH'd with CoolRunner Rev. A/B/C, CR3 Lite, or CR3 Pro (Slim version) in order to get the DVD Key.

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  42. avatar JR says:

    You Guys are the best!!!!!

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  43. avatar Robbie says:

    I hope you will give a clear explanation of how to do the necessary, because i don't understand much of it?!
    We'll just have to buy one of your "replacement pcb" and follow an easy guide ?

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  44. avatar rino says:

    Before no rgh for DVD Key retrieval now that team xecuter have released new tools for rgh,DVD Key retrieval required rgh

    Not is correct

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  45. avatar xstationbr says:

    You say about Topology but is just to AP 2.5 Games like :
    Halo Reach, Black Ops, Fable 3, NFS HP, Modern Warfare 2
    or is to ALL OLDER GAMES Like Burnout Paradise, NFS Pro Street ?

    Well if this AP2.5 is like the actually topology than is not necessary worry about new Ban Hammer like in the past
    when you launch the Xtreme 2.1 CFW when everybody can't play online because that old Firmware not haved security. Resuming this is an new LTU to use offline or is 100% ok to play online off course, using all you say about topology?

    Thanks and sorry to my primeval English.


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  46. avatar pelu says:

    i find the entire thing confusing, xecuter is saying that the new drives do not have the key stored on them, yet we have to have the key in order to use the PCB, we have to RGH to get the key, yet RGH is not live safe, none of it makes any sense at all, and if you try and ask those questions you get threatened, a lot of news, a lot of releases, seems they are just trying to pinch as much as they can in the last year of the xbox 360's life cycle!

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  47. avatar crouch says:

    so can some one answer me about this? please
    is there a problem if updated to the new dashboard before i flash my xbox 360 with your new fw mine is 1175
    as my dashboard is the last one before the newest

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  48. avatar Mr. Sir says:

    im happy the new slims require rgh to obtain the key! it keeps us modders in business!! anyone who is not comfortable performing the rgh on their box or anyone who jus doesnt want to spend the money on the rgh hardware, just let me know. i run a pc/xbox mod shop and i will rgh ur box, obtain ur drive key, then un-rgh and return ur box and key to u. or jus mod the drive while im at it. whatever is needed.

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  50. avatar lolbox360 says:

    So?For getting key I need RGH then I should replace PCB and LTU can work with RGH together?If yes I can run games from my USB flash drive?

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  51. avatar Phenix says:

    can i flash my liteon 1175 with ltu without pcb plz answer me admin

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  52. avatar Sam says:

    Im a bit lost.

    Do we need to purchase a the replacement board and RGH?

    is RGH detectable when used for xbox live?


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  53. avatar InoShikaCho says:

    FInally my Hitachi 0502 will have a solution!! Thank you masters!

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  54. avatar Blagus says:

    Is there going to be "normal" 1175 replacement PCB too (cheaper than this, I guess), or the only solution for 1175 and 0500/02 will be LT Ultimate?

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  55. avatar x6arturo9x says:

    Is it going to be a noob friendly guide to make these procedure?? the rgh (DVD key extracting) and then the FW moddin i mean…

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    • avatar admin says:

      Of course! There are always guides made for every TX product. The JungleFlasher tutorial will also be updated to cover the process for flashing LTU to the Replacement PCB.

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  56. avatar Akoterius says:

    Hello! Look, I didn't get it right. Sorry for my ignorance, I'm just new in these parts.
    The question is: To unlock my Hitachi 0500/0502, I would have to buy another board and replace the original? What about Xbox Live, would that be safe to play with LTU?

    Greetings from Brazil. =)

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Mr. Sir says:

      hey guy greetings from the US!…lol one thing you will learn on this forum is you cant be ignorant or people will verbally kick your ass!!!…haha but ya, to "unlock" your 0500/0502 you will need the new PCB (board) for the slim drives. this board is what you flash c4e's LTU cracked firmware on. however u will need your key from your 0500/0502 which appears as if you can ONLY get that by performing an RGH on your console. TX is making the tools you will need for that however if you are not comfortable with soldering then i would get a modder (SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING, not a kid who can put LEDs in his case) to RGH it for you, obtain your key, and then "un-RGH" your console and your all set. it is LIVE safe when all is said and done (everyone has their own understanding of "LIVE safe"). good luck!

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    • avatar admin says:

      Yes and yes.

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  57. avatar LEON.R.EVIL says:

    I Have A Hitachi 0500
    Dash: 2.0.15574
    Mfr: 2011-06-16
    Can I Use LTU ?

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  58. avatar Lagumon says:

    tengo una XBOX 360 SLIM con liteon 1175 placa KORONA actualizada hasta la actualizacion de este mes, se podra usar esto en mi xbox? con esto podre usar respaldo en DVD? y es obligatorio la instalacion del RGH? si es asi entonces me debo olvidar del xbox live?, espero me respondan…

    I have an XBOX 360 SLIM with 1175 liteon KORONA plate current as the update of this month, will be able to use this on my xbox? with this I can use DVD backup? and is compulsory to install the RGH? If so, then I must forget the xbox live?, I hope I meet and forgive the bad English, use google translator …

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  59. avatar lolbox360 says:

    Ok so what I understood in result:If you have lite-on 1175 you should buy only PCB and any RGH right?And if you have hitachi you need RGH with PCB.

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  60. avatar LEON.R.EVIL says:

    After LTU "RELEASED"
    Where I Get The PCB And RGH ? !!

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  61. avatar crouch says:

    i hope someone tell me is there a problem if updated to the new dashboard before i flash my xbox 360 with the new fw LTU … mine is 1175
    as my dashboard is the last one before the newest

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  62. avatar anonymous says:

    Honestly, does anyone read the page before commentating, you guys are asking the same question over and over again. READ THE ARTICLE, OR READ PREVIOUS COMMENTS !!! Keep up the great work C4 and team

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  63. avatar stuntz0rZ says:

    Will LT Ultimate work with the replacement PCB that shipped out last year? Or is it only for a new PCB??

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  64. avatar afonso says:

    good staff c4eva by what I saw that this new release for 1175 need RGH, and for people who have slim xbox arcade 4G RGH not for him, he needed the RGH, peopl anyone answer me I had po0ssa with this release

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  65. avatar Юрий says:

    RGH is so necessary or not? Forgive for my English)))

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  66. avatar zack says:

    so can i rgh it now and flash it now the 1175 ?

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  67. avatar crouch says:

    is my update question has been answered before?

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  68. avatar Anonymous says:

    So what do I need to do/get for my new DG-16D5S 1175 to get ready?

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  69. avatar Raptor says:

    When the Liteon 1175 FW and replacement PCB are released – will it be required to RGH the xbox just to get the key from the drive? Or will there be a separate method of extraction released with the new FW?

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  70. avatar skoda2000 says:

    This will be available for Corona v6? Sry for bad english… :D

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  71. avatar samee says:

    i got a question its not about modding or anything pls forgive me if it is inappropriate question goe to the admin too :)

    since am wating for the release of LTU (0500/0502) can i download a game to my slim and play it ofc wont step on live am just concern about anything that could happen though my slim is not modded nore to anything

    am just waiting for the release of this amazing LTU and thinking to dw a game pls reply :(

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  72. avatar M3ph1st0r says:

    e o lt+3.0 vai sai ou vai fica na saudade?

    and lt +3.0 vai vai is on leave or miss?

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  73. avatar ProxStylez says:

    So with the LTU I will get dual boot?
    And RGH is needed to flash my slim?

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  74. avatar M3ph1st0r says:

    RGH no brasil custo de R$ 250,00
    troca de PCB custo de R$ 185,00
    preço do HD 250gb para slim R$ 380,00

    preço do console slim 4gb R$ 800,00 preço no http://www.mercadolivre.com valor sem frete.
    com frete media de 1.050,00

    HD full jogos valor 100,00 na media

    final do produto no brasil R$ 1.715,00 na media.
    preço do produto no EUA USD$ 359.76

    alguem pode me fala se vale a pena ter o leito de DVD e o RGH no console pois para mim e perca de tempo destrava o leito de DVD se posso jogar direto pelo HD.

    RGH in Brazil cost of $ 250.00
    PCB exchange cost of U.S. $ 185.00
    price of HD 250gb slim to R $ 380.00

    4gb slim console price $ 800.00 price on http://www.mercadolivre.com value without shipping.
    Average freight of 1050.00

    HD games full value on average 100.00

    final product in Brazil R $ 1,715.00 on average.
    product price in U.S. $ 359.76 USD

    can someone tell me if it's worth having the DVD in bed and RGH console because to me a waste of time and unlocks the bed if I can play DVD directly by HD.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  75. avatar Franciele says:

    Let's speak the truth before did not need to rgh now we need to get it unlocked, c4eva's speech changed completely after he Xecuter join the group, and funny after that it throws a new CFW and a new PCB just all drivers are unlocked? being that he was not working in Hitachis …. stop to think if you have a rgh why the hell will buy the pcb c4eva? open your eyes it is nothing more than a mercenary!

    Vamos falar a verdade antes não tinha necessidade de rgh agora nós precisamos para o desbloqueio, o discurso do c4eva mudou completamente depois dele ingressar no grupo xecuter, e engraçado depois disso ele lança um novo CFW e uma nova PCB simplesmente todos os drivers estão desbloqueados? sendo que ele não estava trabalhando nos Hitachis…. parem para pensar se vocês possuem um rgh por que diabos vão comprar a pcb do c4eva? abram seus olhos ele não passa de um mercenário!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  76. avatar Frodo Scholar says:

    Já que o c4eva deu pra tras, vou prever aqui o que vai acontecer: alguém, provavelmente a matrix team, vai lançar um kit só para recuperar a chave do dvd, não sei se soldando algo na placa-mão do xbox ou na pcb do drive.

    Since c4eva gave it back, I'll predict here what will happen: someone, probably the Matrix team, will launch a kit just to retrieve the key from the dvd, dont know if welding something on the plate-hand xbox or the pcb drive.

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  77. avatar Daniel P. says:

    You really think TX was going to create one single mother of all hacks, that they just buy and hack teh Xbox ?? Throwing away all their other products ? Absolutely NOT.

    They are going for profit… you will much likely have to buy their CR3 Lite, or even a CR3 Pro to retrieve the DVD-KEY, then to be used on the new PCB with LTU. Everyone would do the same on their position. Create a product that requires their other offerings to come to a final solution…


    Tradução, vcs acham que o TX lançaria uma unica placa mestre de todos os hacks que eliminasse por completo todos os outros produtos que eles ja lancaram ?? claro que nao, é quase certo que vc tenha que comprar um CR3 Lite ou um CR3 Pro para pegar a porcaria da DVD-Key p ai entao poder usar o PCB novo do drive 1175 e dai poder usar a LTU do C4E.

    Eles estao atras de $$, todo mundo faria o mesmo e criariam um produto que faça uso dos demais itens que eles ja lançaram no mercado e gastaram tempo desenvolvendo

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  78. avatar Jerson says:

    e eu que tenho a dash 2.0.15xxx como vou desbloquear meu game sendo que nao posso fazer o RG?

    And that I have to dash 2.0.15xxx how I unlock my xbox is that I con not do the RG?

    I have my dashboard 2.0.15xxx, how will I unlock my xbox and it is necessary that the RG and Dash does not allow?

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  79. avatar crouch says:

    hay admin you are answering any one even their questions are silly but me i wanna know can i update to the new dashboard before i use your LTU my drive 1175 and my dashboard is the latest before the newest .. thank you

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  80. avatar Ibanezzer says:

    If it's not fast enough for you, write your own damn firmware.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  81. avatar Jerson says:

    Eae brasileiros, ja não basta aqui no brasil essa roubalheira no preço dos produtos, agora se ferramos mais uma vez! :) ))

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  82. avatar Frog360 says:

    At time ago, i asked if i could do the unlock with CK3 Lite and X360USB and the answer was yes, now changed ?
    And another, i never made a RGH, if i buy the acessories, there will be somewhere that i can download a tutorial
    step by step from the beginning ? pregerably video lesson

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  83. avatar Rafhael says:

    I have a Lite on 1175
    Dash 2.0.161
    Posted: 09/2012
    LTU will work?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  84. avatar Jerson says:

    Eu tenho o game na dash 2.0.15xx e drive liteon 1175 e gostaria se posso realizar o desbloqueio quando for lançado pois sei que não posso realizar o RG

    I have the game on the dash and 2.0.15xx liteon drive 1175 and if I would perform the unlock when it is released because I know that I can not perform the RG

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  85. avatar random007 says:

    can I get xbl gold for free if I use the LTU

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  86. avatar gazzg says:

    I have a question if I have the old 9504 with the kamikaze hack will LTU work or will the be a separate firmware or do I just buy a all in one pcb from tx ????

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  87. avatar Juan Luis says:

    Fue una larga espera, pero vale la pena, ahora solo esperar que este a la venta el Xecuter y un tutorial de instalación y configuración para la xbox

    It was a long wait, but worth it, now I just expect this on sale Xecuter and installation and configuration tutorial for xbox

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  88. avatar Phenix says:

    what is the difference between lt3 et ltu. is there a lt3 for the 1175 liteon

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  89. avatar hack miles says:

    belo trabalho de voces no desbloqueio

    beautiful work of you in unlocking

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  90. avatar hack miles says:

    nice job

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  91. avatar Amra says:

    I was about to give up on the DL10N ever getting a hack! So LTU + Universal DVD Replacement PCB is needed. Opening the xbox is fairly easily. What about installation/mod of the above mentioned requirements? Is there a guide through available anywhere?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  92. avatar bmdMatheus says:

    Admin with LT Ultimate I can go on LIVE with my XBox without fear of being banned?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  93. avatar JACK says:

    que demora! deus do céu – é mais fácil dizer que tem que vender os outros chips de rgh pra não levarem prejuizo por isso essa demora toda!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  94. avatar J3rk My Turk3y says:

    Awsome news Xecuter is going out with a bang :)

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  95. avatar Flavor 5150 says:

    C4eva, You are a God on this planet.Keep up the hard work.Flavor 5150

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  96. avatar Mars says:

    admin i have a question aprox what will the PCB cost????

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar admin says:

      MSRP will be announced closer to when it's released, but you can expect it to be around the same or likely slightly higher than the original TX v1.0/v1.1 DG-16D4S Replacement PCB.

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  97. avatar samee says:

    ive been checking this site for 2 months
    1175 is the one that is hard and hitachi turned easy 20th october and at 29th october the announcement of "testing " got updated for hitachi 0500/0502 "no info" into "testing"
    9days that was pretty fast .
    now a month of testing lol not trying to say anything am gratefull :D

    put pls put us out of our misery :)

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar admin says:

      Attempting to mask impatience and complaints with smiley faces and "lol"s doesn't fool anyone. Most of your previous comments were deleted for that reason.

      There is a LOT of work going on behind-the-scenes with the new products, finalizing hardware, production, packaging, testing, and of course the necessary supporting software. It all takes time.

      Hitachi 78/79 will be released very soon — the new version of JungleFlasher is undergoing final testing with it. The new PCB & LTU are still a couple weeks away. Just be patient.

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      • avatar BorrisJ says:

        the cost of the components (what ever they may be) are just negiable in comparison to all the hardwork, time and effort that have gone into getting these results.

        Big thumps up to TX and C4eva!!!!!

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      • avatar samee says:

        if u think am like that as u saying "fooling " and "lol" , " smiley faces"
        then am sorry sir if u see it that way … i wont talk anymore unless about information of "release or anyother subjects .. again am sorry i wont bother anymore have a good time

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  98. avatar Davide says:

    Thanks C4eva and Team Xecuter for all your work

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  99. avatar Sugicloud says:

    After the testing process, whats come next? Mass producting of the new pcb? Are we going to need a new version of abgx360 for checking the isos?

    (Sorry for the noobish questions)

    Anyways, thanks for your work, you guys rock!

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  100. avatar keethy says:

    My God, all of you impatient ones can see the products are in testing, what do you want ? it's going to be done and dusted in a short time so be thankful for the teams hard work and stop bitching like little girls for fs sake

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  101. avatar JONNYGAME says:

    Hello, and first of all thanks for the great work done by all of you, only I have a question, which I have not been able to respond to read reviews.
    If the dash board upgrade to the latest version I or will not get the dvdkey with RGH?
    Thanks for your attention.

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  102. avatar Uts says:

    Will the new LTU firmware work with the previously released unlocked PCBs for specific drives? I have a 0225 with an unlocked PCB and I wanted to know if LTU will work on my drive without me having to buy the new universal PCB?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar admin says:

      LTU is only for the new PCB, it cannot be flashed to the old TX v1.0/v1.1 PCB. In your case, you don't need it anyway since you already have 0225 with the older unlocked PCB and LT+ v3.0. The normal LT+ fw is still going to be developed/updated alongside LTU if/when necessary, so you have nothing to worry about.

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  103. avatar ramiro says:

    thx, I look forward to the launch

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  104. avatar SkullRJ says:

    Can we still flash LT+3.0 with the new PCB????

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  105. avatar random007 says:

    why don't team xecuter make an alternative for xbl in built in the PCB

    or c4eva.like the Xbox connect or the xlink kai

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  106. avatar Native Bushwick New Yorker says:

    Okay, after reading most of the comments and info (which I suggest every one should do before asking the same question) I'm pretty sure I'd need to save up for the PCB, and RGH tools coming out. I'm used to flashing PHATs and just finally bought a Slim (250GB w/ 2 games for $200) on Black Friday. Haven't opened it yet. I'll wait til everything is released. Dual boot seems awesome. Still confused as to what I would need to purchase. Already own a X360USBPROv2 bundle and IHAS so I'm just new to RGH. I'll figure it out with a little more searching.

    Thanks c4eva!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  107. avatar Stephen says:

    I have Lite-On DG-16D5S 1175 what will i need to flash the firmware on that ? I know i have to wait for the new PCB but as far as tools can you tell me everything i'll need that i can buy now and just wait for the new PCB?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  108. avatar guto viana says:

    onde fica o download do lt 3.0 slim drive 0401 ?? nao achei a parte do download desculpe pela minha burrice

    c4eva show muito ajudou a todos abraços !

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  109. avatar John. says:

    Well Done C4eva and TX. I hope there is the same success in the search for a RGH free way to get the DVDKey too in the future sometime.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  110. rgh do not need with this new pcb? administrator

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  111. sorry, my english is very bad lol, just want to know if even with the launch of the new pcb, will be necessary to drive rgh in 1175? vai or there is another method …thanks

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar admin says:

      RGH is the only method for DVD Key extraction for 1175.

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      • avatar anonymous says:

        That is clear enough, but could you clarify if we can get the cpu/drive key with only an DGX? It is out for pre-order and this caught my attention:

        "Lost your CPU Key or unable to extract it? The TX DGX is all you will ever need."

        "Easy backup of your motherboards CPU KEY
        Compatible with ALL slim motherboard versions
        Compatible with ALL dashboard versions
        Only 6 wires to solder"

        Could clarify this, please?

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        • avatar admin says:

          It depends on your kernel/dash version. If you're on 2.0.15XXX.0 or higher, you must use RGH+DGX to retrieve the Keys. If you're on 2.0.14XXX.0 or lower, you still must RGH to get the Keys, but you don't need the DGX.

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  112. avatar lele says:

    po ja ta demorando pra sair essa bosta ae man

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  113. avatar Alan_Wake says:

    Уже сил нету ждать…год целый прошел,этот статус тестирования будет висеть вечно

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  114. avatar juvv says:

    kén mizél test 7ata christmas rahou kima 9olt énti fama problém fél 7kéya
    howa les plus part des patchs y7othom released wa9t christmas ma3néha ""Tuesday 25 December"" kén fét date hédhi rahou kima 9olt .

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  115. avatar Phenix says:

    plzzz c4eva harry up and make this dream happen

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  116. avatar Superior says:

    Thank you a lot C4eva and Team Xecuter and we are so happy here in Egypt about those news

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  117. avatar Ercan says:

    Sehr gut ! :D

    Aber wann genau kommt die PCB Platine für 5s raus ???

    Ich kann nicht mehr warten ….

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  118. avatar lucian says:

    tomara que essas psb cheguem logo no mercado nao vejo a hora vcs sao os cara vlw

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  119. avatar forza says:

    "c4eva in testing" :p :p :p

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  120. avatar Anonimo says:

    Aff nunca vai sair isso, ta demorando muito.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  121. avatar HACKER dude says:

    will it work on all drives and is the testing complete

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  122. avatar Christian says:

    The unlock comes out this year yet?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  123. avatar Vitor says:

    Hello, when does the Pcb comes out?
    Thanks :)

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  124. avatar CJH says:

    If I'm not interested in playing on xbox live, is there an easier process for unlocking my 1175 slim and playing burned disks or does this new process cover both and not one or the other.


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  125. avatar BorrisJ says:

    Happy New Year c4eva and TX – Thanks for your hard work in 2011!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  126. avatar Берик says:

    Ждем и надеемся! Что когда нить это получиться….

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  127. avatar do not delete my comments adm says:

    Uma maneira de tentarmos esquecer essa demora é desbloqueando nossos Xbox's através dos novos chips de Reset Glitch (JTAG) que a Team Xecuter já começou a vender para as versões de Dash 15.197 e 16.202. Aqui no Brasil já chegaram, espero que logo todos saibam dessa notícia, deem votos positivos para ser melhor divulgada. Desde já, agradeço!

    One way to try to forget this delay is unlocking our Xbox's through the new chips Reset Glitch (JTAG) that Team Xecuter has started selling versions of Dash for 15,197 and 16,202. Here in Brazil we arrived, I hope that soon everyone will know this news, give positive votes to be better publicized. From now on, thank you!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar 1175 says:

      Você esta louco? Quem vai pagar 300, 400 Reais Para fazer JTAG? Não vale a pena.

      Are you crazy? Who will pay 300, 400 Dollars To JTAG? Not worth it.

      Reply | Reply with Quote
      • avatar do not delete my comments adm says:

        Cara, aqui no DF tá apenas 200, vc é Brasileiro vai me entender, se vc ainda não esse desbloqueio que está demorando à Bessa vc irá pagar na mesma faixa ou talvez mais caro, é só perguntar para quem sabe, pergunta para quem começou a desbloquear os Xbox's no Brasil assim que surgiram lançamentos para desbloquearem…UMA DICA!

        Dude, here in DF're only 200, vc vai is Brazilian understand me, if you have not unlocked that this is taking the Bessa you will pay in the same range or maybe more expensive, just ask anyone who knows, who began to question unlock the Xbox's so emerged in Brazil launches to unlock … A TIP!

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  128. avatar Jossimar says:

    Só gostaria de saber se vai precisar de RGH para usar essa suposta PCB e desbloqueio do drive 1175. Se for necessário, queria saber qual seria a vantagem disso. Além de gastar mais para ter dois desbloqueios !

    Just like to know if you will need to use this supposed RGH PCB and unlock drive 1175. If necessary, wanted to know what would be the advantage of that. Besides spending more to have two unlocks!

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  129. avatar Dee says:

    Да Х*Й они прошивку выпустят, хватит уже спрашивать когда, когда….

    Yes X * Q are firmware release, enough already asking when, when ….

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  130. avatar Glaser227 says:

    Please adm, tell me more about the process, it's done? Already It on manufacture process?? I depend this informations !! Thanks Sorry my bad English..

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  131. avatar Guilhermee says:

    GOOD JOB nice work thanks c4 =D

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  132. avatar james thomas says:

    Is this for XBOX 360 slim 4 gb MFR 19 MAY 2012 pleasee reply meee i am new to xbox 360

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  133. avatar M3ph1st0r says:

    LT+3.0 so quando a JungleFlasher lança um update que leia o drive 1175 o c4 nao e o criador do programa ele precisa do JungleFlasher para retirar a key, vai fica em teste ate que a JungleFlasher lance uma versao compativel

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  134. avatar Anonymous says:

    with the Reset Glitch (JTAG) I can get into LIVE without getting banned?

    Gostaria de saber se com o Reset Glitch Hack (JTAG) eu poderia entrar na L.I.V.E sem ser banido?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  135. avatar Frodo Bolseiro says:

    Yanker says:
    Can you tell me what exactly tools i need to purchase in order to RGH/JTAG my Dg5S-1175 XBOX and be able to play Online?

    1-Xecuter V1.0S DGX TX (available)
    2-Xecuter Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB (waiting)
    3-LTU v1.0 (waiting)

    RGH/Jtag not play online safely

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Anonymous says:

      sry for my question but i need to buy xbox live 3 mouth gold account or not to play online??

      Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar scuba says:

      Frodo Bolseiro:
      Yanker says:Can you tell me what exactly tools i need to purchase in order to RGH/JTAG my Dg5S-1175 XBOX and be able to play Online?

      1-Xecuter V1.0S DGX TX (available)2-Xecuter Lite-On 1175 DG-16D5S Unlocked Replacement PCB (waiting)3-LTU v1.0 (waiting)

      RGH/Jtag not play online safely

      Dont forget you will also need a way to read your NAND..Like Demon,Nand-x,J-Runner,Etc….
      That is one more thing you will need in order to get your DVD key.

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  136. avatar NuFreak says:

    Hi there!
    I'm new to the xbox scene. I have a lit eon 1175 installed. now I can see that everybody is happy. How can I do the same as seen in the demo video? is there a tutorial how to do that?
    Thank you guys!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  137. avatar boxtay77 says:

    good think you <3

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  138. avatar lghikas says:

    Yeah! Perfect Work! Finally! :) ))

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  139. avatar Anonymous says:

    Finalmente, depois de tanto tempo.

    Finally, after so long.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  140. avatar Anonymous says:

    Alguem pode me dizer quanto q sairá o destravamento ?

    Can someone tell me how q will exit the unlock?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  141. avatar NIKOL says:

    THANK You very MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  142. avatar Ibanezzer says:

    Once again, thanks C4 and the team! Never lost faith.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  143. avatar do not delete my comments adm says:

    Thank TX and C4!!! Good job…!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  144. avatar Turian says:


    Reply | Reply with Quote
  145. avatar dsfrvbszt says:

    program niye çıkarmadın hacı da kart çıkartıyosun koydun paraı yine hadi

    Reply | Reply with Quote
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  149. avatar anonimo says:

    Quanto curstará para destravar ?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  150. avatar Tasos says:

    I have an xbox 360 with a Hitachi DL10N. Is there a tutorial with what is needed to buy, and the steps required to make the modification now that the LTU is out?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  151. avatar anonimo says:

    Não tera LT+3.0 ?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  152. avatar ENDER1981 says:

    Hola a todos me gustaria saber si hat flasheo para la consola fabricada en 13 02 2012 y que se pueda jugar online gracias

    Hi all I wonder if flashing hat made for the console February 13, 2012 and you can play it online thanks

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  153. avatar Gledim says:

    Hello C4eva, another question from a noob…

    There a way to make a dual boot with a corona v2?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  154. avatar Nick says:

    Is there a tutorial on what hardware is needed and the steps in order to apply this to a DLN10N?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  155. avatar Anonymous says:


    So far this is the only tutorial that I have found. They're some examples of the Corona 4gb R/W qsb and DGX being soldered in and booted to xell but those are just examples not really tutorials. You can find these examples if you go on YouTube and look for the video author "xxJonny Gunsxx".

    Good Luck.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  156. avatar Nick says:

    So people with a DL10N not only need the LTU pcb, but they also need to replace the actual DVD drive with a LiteOn… any idea if in the future they will bring out a ltu pcb for the Hitachis?

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      my guess is that it would not be cost effective to produce another model if it isn't necessary. the hitachi drives are much less common than liteons. i am pretty sure that the board will fit into a DG-16D4S also.

      Reply | Reply with Quote
  157. avatar Marcelo says:

    q biennnn ¡¡¡¡¡ pero no entiendo mucho, como hay q proceder para la liberacion de mi xbox…graciaaaaas…

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  158. avatar djedumaia says:

    bakna pessoal gostaria de saber se essa tx funciona no drive1175?

    bakna staff would like to know if this works in drive1175 tx?

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  159. I like reading through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  160. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been conducting a
    little research on this. And he in fact ordered me breakfast because I stumbled upon it
    for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank
    YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this issue here on your website.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
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  170. avatar bit.ly says:

    The friend who introduced me to lol (a lady) performs a really great tristana but she dont
    utilize the keyboard… I didnt notice it it a the beginning,
    but after some occasions i noticed and was surprised.
    She performs 1 second ahead of everyone else (she dont use smartcast, she
    click of the image in the skill bar after which click on the
    target… sam-e for display !!!). She's a bronze 5 (because she mostly performs for pleasure and dont
    care with ranked) but when she used the keypad, and smartcasr
    she'd be stone by now

    Reply | Reply with Quote
  171. avatar Ubaid says:

    Thanks for struggle but sincerely speaking this is a useless method as it requires to RGH our console first. Well im simply a beginner and layman but i think mostly ppl flash their drives just because they don't want to do extra soldering or they want to keep playing online games. RGHing will ultimately restrict them to play online and they surely don't need to flash their drives after RGH because they could easily run homebrew simply by downloading it to a USB.

    Reply | Reply with Quote
    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Ayy young lad you must understand that the RGH-imajiggy is only necessary to obtain le DVD key. Afterwards you can undo the ROYGBIV, flash your drive, and play bootleg games online like a good kiddie. May the farce be with you. Popeyes!

      Reply | Reply with Quote
  172. Kazuya views Jin's actions to be a nuisance in his own plans and becomes the
    only one who can directly oppose Jin's control.

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DO NOT post comments asking questions like "When will X be released?", or "When will c4eva do X?". All current status information and ETAs, when applicable, are noted in the Status Table on the front page. If it's not listed there, it's not known, so don't ask. All questions of this type will be deleted by the Admins.