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2011-10-18 at 01:32AM UTC #2357

Firs of all my native language it’s spanish, so sorry for the mistakes
Hi, i have 3 questions

1. This DVD RW is one on the list that c4eva post? http://pcfactory.cl/producto/777-DVDRW.SATA.24x.Negro.OEM

2. Can I use the DVD RW with this adapter on my laptop? (I don’t have desktop computer) http://pcfactory.cl/producto/9270-Adaptador.USB.2.0.a.IDE..SATA

3. Does anyone knows MAXELL DVDs, ’cause in my city (Temuco, Chile) i found 20 MAXELL for the price of 10 Verbatim

Thanks for the answers, and sorry for the mistakes xD

2011-10-18 at 01:37AM UTC #2358

1. yes but must be a “b model “2.yes 3. no verbatim only with new burn method using the burner with new c4eva pc fw

good luck with it

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2011-10-18 at 01:42AM UTC #2360

@twisted247 thats my question, its this “b model”? in the description said “Color: Black”, i read in other site that “B” it’s for black, that’s right?

Thanks for answer so fast

2011-10-18 at 10:33AM UTC #2378

no… ON ALL WEBSITES… B = Black

BUT….. when you recieve the burner… look on the back of it it will then have a sticker with it having the B or A or Y (not likely Y as havent been used for well over a year…) now it’s pot luck but since most are B then it fingers crossed and most likely will be the B you need..

Alternatively you can get the 624.. stop being cheap and be guaranteed a B.

2011-10-18 at 09:36PM UTC #2420

hey guys, i am new here. and i am not experienced in 360s but more pc hardware. my question i have a lite-on Burner gh22ns50 is there anything i can do with it in regards tp ripping My Original xbox games?

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