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Usage of acetaminophen:

Thus, the acetaminophen action of NSAIDs, which inhibits the stage of conversion AA→PGH2, and also the formation of the aforementioned regulators, have some favorable (anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic) and side effects (associated with the inhibition of synthesis of particular regulators in different tissues) .
A precise mechanism of NSAID action together with therapeutic and side effects has been presented acetaminophen pharmacology acetaminophen dosage body weight acetaminophen dosage 10 year old in the recently published large study by Nowak and Dzielska-Olczak (9) and Nowak (10, 11) .
While traditional NSAIDs and selective COX2 inhibitors inhibit cyclooxygenase (PGHS) through competing with arachidonic acid for the active site of the enzyme (12), paracetamol is likely to act as a acetaminophen for pregnancy acetaminophen antidote acetaminophen migraine acetaminophen vs ibuprofen factor reducing a ferryl protoporphyrin IX radical cation (Fe4+=OPP*+) within the peroxidase site of the PGHS enzyme .
In turn, acetaminophen boiling point acetaminophen k flay lyrics acetaminophen side effects overdose the Fe4+=OPP*+ generates tyrosine radicals in the place of PGHS cyclooxygenase, which are essential for catalyzation of AA oxidation reaction (12-16) (Fig .
Due to a fact that hydroperoxides of fatty acids, like PGG2 (reduced by POX), oxidize porphyrin within the peroxidase site of the acetaminophen enzyme, cyclooxygenase inhibition by paracetamol is difficult in the presence of high peroxide levels .
Graham and Scott suggested that paracetamol should be classified to the group of the so-called atypical NSAIDs, determined as peroxide sensitive acetaminophen analgesic and antipyretic drugs (PSAAD) (17) .

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