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2011-09-30 at 07:35PM UTC #1388

In RRoD’s NFO of the latest 0800 rips it was mentioned

Keep in mind that this is the first of several potential disc-based
backup solutions for XGD3. As such, it's recommened that all
subsequent releases maintain the full ISO size and associated
layerbreak (2133520) in the .dvd, which will help to ensure that they
will be forward-compatible should any media manufacturers step up
with new larger-capacity discs (which will be necessary in order to
make XGD3 backups as safe as possible on Xbox LIVE).

I don’t know if you’re at liberty to say but does the team have any connections or plans for producing a larger media that’s compatible with the 360 dvd drive and/or plans beyond LT 2.0 as far as disc based solutions for XGD3 or is the RRoD group just speaking in general?

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