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2013-02-22 at 12:49AM UTC #8522

I expect setting that thread title makes you want to flame me more than horse meat at Burger King.

I fully respect c4eva’s work and appreciate he must be financially rewarded for this work. However, this latest LTU + PCB issue has disappointed me a bit. Here’s why:

1) People with Hitachi drives need to buy a new PCB for a Liteon drive…and an actual Liteon drive to put it in (yes one without a PCB is fine obviously).

2) Dual layer DVDRW drives are around $10. TX are pricing just the LTU PCB at around 4x the price of a DVDRW drive. TX’s markup must be well over 600%.

3) C4eva, team Executer etc have all teamed up on the slim mod. There is no competition, they all just take a slice. Recent guides are also stating that TX hardware is essential, whereas a MAX3232 adapter and 20s of soldering will do as good a job as a $90 kit in most cases.

4) No attempt seems to have been made to even look at flashing slim Hitachi drives. The solution: buy a ridiculously priced PCB for a LiteOn drive…then buy a slim LiteOn drive to put it in. Get all drive info from the mobo.

In C4eva’s position I admit i’d probably do the same by now, feeling i’d contributed enough to the scene to cash in. Myself, I can understand and mod firmware at assembly level. I just don’t understand why this is a one horse race.

All you need is a few firmware dumps…a program such as IDA Pro…and a working knowledge of previous exploits. I no longer have the urge to hack at this level, although I have had success in several areas in the past. (disasm MIPS32 for Docsis over HFC).

@c4eva If you must charge so much for LTU PCB’s, please make a version to compatible with Hitachi drives. You know how, and it would save a hell of a lot of wasted $. Otherwise, someone will have copies of your PCB’s produced in China and they’ll be ‘buy it now’ on Ebay for $10 before you know it.

2013-02-22 at 01:25AM UTC #8523

it costs them to produce things… do you know what “overhead” means in the financial sense? i wouldn’t want to pay to make a ton of boards that might just end up sitting in a storage closet forever. why don’t you write up a business plan and pitch it to some electronics manufacturers and you can be the other horse…?

2013-02-24 at 07:50PM UTC #8539

So in essence you are not happy with the guys that allow you to play back-ups online…. Most people are blatantly pirates who download illegally for whatever reason (I’m not going to judge personally) whose games will cost 90p to burn… If people have issues with those said guys allowing this practice to happen, and wanting a little renumeration for it, II don’t understand it.. of course you can with your knowledge, do this yourself if so wanted and had the resources… I don’t see it being an issue….

2013-02-25 at 01:19AM UTC #8541

@ QuickMythril: I would not reproduce the PCB myself, as I did not design it, or the firmware.
I understand the concept of overheads, which is why I think If the PCB was 50% the price, at least 4x would be sold. Via economy of scale, this would in theory give more profit. I suppose it does all depend on the capital you have to start with though. My points are only excessive PCB price, and lack of Hitachi PCB.

@ delmariachi I no longer have an X360, my interest is only in the tech (didn’t you love it when you flashed an original fat samsung with old xtreme FW, then the customer returned over a year later blaming you for the RROD ).

Please don’t think i’m slating c4eva, he’s the only guy doing it…so really he can do what he wants. It’s WHY he’s the only guy doing it that surprises me.


2013-02-25 at 10:22AM UTC #8542

So just get a Jasper. or a Falcon or any Phat 360 then. Costs zero to flash any of those, or find a 2010 slim with a 16D4s drive in it and flash that for next to nothing, well i can !

2013-02-26 at 08:55AM UTC #8551

They also wait way to long with doing a livelog!

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