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2011-10-14 at 03:04AM UTC #2139

Ok, I was quick to assume that the FW scene would die off slowly. My reasoning was that MS’s discs are bigger than ours and truncating our discs is too obvious.

However, I have to say that I am amazed that ..

1. He found a way to fit the entire image on EXISTING discs using a cheap burner and

2. It seems to be coming out very shortly after LT 2.0

Sorry for doubting you… I shouldn’t have been so quick to assume that there wasnt an answer.

Good work and can someone kindly point me toward the donation page?

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2011-10-14 at 10:36AM UTC #2150

Yeh whats the donation page :razz:

2011-10-14 at 11:53AM UTC #2161

donate thur jf app

2011-10-16 at 08:41AM UTC #2270


+1 ! I’m still looking for it…

2011-10-16 at 10:52PM UTC #2301

go here:

or just send money to

(if you look in jungleflasher there is a yellow Donate button right next to “spoof source to target”)

2011-10-17 at 12:41AM UTC #2314

actually a decent guy to admit that did a great job …. Congratulations … just hope c4eva recorders compatible with ours …. most if not already taking advantage of the fact already helping a lot … and congratulations !!

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