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2011-10-26 at 10:17AM UTC #2979

Hi all,

Never really used a forum before so apologies right now if I ask stupid questions etc…

I have an xbox 360 with a Benq drive, it has a ck3 blaster attached and at present, plays my XGD2 originals and backups. It plays XGD3 originals.

I have just purchased my first XGD3 game and would like to make a backup as I do with all my games.

My old method was to use XBC with a Kreon Dive, then burn using an LG burner with IMGBurn.

Now, I have the new XBC software which recognizes XGD3 discs but doesn’t support them, I have the latest IMGburn and Jungleflasher.

With the setup that I have, I understand the Kreon drive is no use to me for XGD3 so I presume from what I’ve read, that I can flash my Benq drive in the Xbox so I can rip the neccessary ISO and DVD files ready for burning.

Can someone please point me in the right direction on getting the right firmware for the Benq, I believe it’s V3? and if once flashed that it will enable me to use my xbox setup ( CK3 Blaster attached to PC) to rip and play all games in future, thus doing away with my Kreon drive.

Again I know i’ve probably offended someone or posted incorrectly etc…  with such a stupid question , google is a mine field for straight answers and I just want to get the process right, like I say if I can be pointed in the right direction I will be more than happy.

Many thanks :)


Just an update…

But first, thank you for the response,  I flashed my Benq to 0800 V3 using Jungleflasher and CK3 Blaster no probs. Open up XBC and it sees the drive and tells me there is a disk in there (XGD3) but all the options are greyed out, so I cannot start the rip.

Again I’m a first timer at this so apologise if it’s a stupid question……….

I presume i’m missing something but I really do not know so any help would be great!!

Thanks again


Thanks again , you’ve got me on the Dae.bin issue….. but i’m hoping that’s the cause…..

Would you know where I get the current dae.bin and where  I need to place it?

2011-10-26 at 11:50AM UTC #2985

Your on the right track of thinking..yes you can use your current BenQ 360 drive to backup XGD3 titles and you will have to flash the BenQ 0800 V3 to it to backup XGD3 game discs. Then flash back to Lt 2.0 to play the backups on your system. As always make sure your drive key is in a safe place

Burning the disks that are XDG3 you should try to grab another DVD Burner or if you have a current compatible one convert it to a Burner MAX to avoid disc errors when burning out XGD3 titles. With regards to your Kreon drive …yes it’s a paper weight in a way but still good for ripping older XGD2 titles, but if memory servers me right Kreon will not extract SSv2 and all rips should be rechecked with ABGX with regards to the older XGD2 titles.

As far as the ck3 blaster goes …try it should work just fine if you’ve updated the FW using it before

2011-10-27 at 02:50PM UTC #3085

Not a stupid question at all , at least not from where I am sitting ;-)

As far as the why your options are greyed out I honestly have no clue but some things you can try

While in XBC press Ctrl + S to refresh the drives , also did you start XBC with a disc in the drive? at time of release XBC said not to start XBC with a disk in the drive. I have no honest clue as to why but it was in the read me.

Also is the most current DAE.BIN in the same folder as XBC ( DAE.BIN is to grab the AP25 Tables)

If your still having issues try hooking the drive up direct to the PC , doubtful that that is the issue but I have had nothing but issues with the CK3 Blaster and it now lives in the scrap electronics pile.

2011-10-27 at 04:43PM UTC #3099

i only used XBC for a while when i was verifying some games for abgx360. i did run into the same problem where it wouldn’t let me click the buttons (greyed out), but i forget how i solved it. i had it connected with my via raid card, and i might have had to disable the driver but maybe not.

2011-10-27 at 04:57PM UTC #3104

I’ve actually just got the right dae.bin for the current dashboard, Xbc reads the drive, tells me there is a disc, AP25 loads the .bin file everything ok but buttons still greyed out……. connected via raid card also so I’m gonna try disabling the driver now…….

If you can think of anything else I would greatly appreciate it……………………………

2011-10-27 at 05:19PM UTC #3105

Just thought I would put this up in case someone can see an issue:

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0345 By Redline99

Found ODD: TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162D SB00 at [D]
Additional Info: KREON V1.00
Found ODD: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22LP20 2.00 at [E]
Additional Info: 09/10/06 7U01
Found ODD: PBDS VAD6038 0442 at [F]
Additional Info: BenqAP25v3.0

Nero API is not available
ImgBurn is available
ImgBurn – The Ultimate Image Burner! by LIGHTNING UK!

AP25 loading dae.bin file
AP25 dae.bin MCRT Version: 12
AP25 dae.bin MCRT Count: 50
AP25 dae.bin MCRT Flags: 0×0000

Getting media info [E]
Media Type: Not Present
Getting media info [F]
Media Type: Not Present
Getting media info [F]
Media Type: DVD-ROM
Bytes Used: 8.07 GB (8,662,351,872 bytes)

Everything is still greyed out………… frustration isn’t the word……

2011-10-30 at 05:06PM UTC #3260

After much reading I have concluded that the issue must be with the Sata card… It now does not even recognize my benq anymore and my drive is now stuck on stock.

Considering my set up:

Xbox arcade with blaster ck3 attached and currently using a kreon drive to rip and an Lg to burn, I basically just want to continue being able to create backups of my games and although I only have the one XGD3 at the moment I will of course purchase more.

With this in mind and my current set up am I right in presuming that an x360usbpro is the way forward, thus enabling me to switch my benq over to 0800 v3 to rip? and back to V 2.0 to play, if so I presume I connect the pro via my blaster ck3 to my pc? I also presume I would go from sata from the blaster ck3 to usb on the pc? thus doing away with the Sata 6421 card in my pc? I also presume that I would need to get the power adaptor for the x360usbpro?

All I want is the easiest best set up for my xbox, using the benq drive to both rip and play my backups, so any help would be fantastic

Also i would like to know if there are any recommendations for a dvd burner that would best serve me to burn backups including XGD3. I can then do away with my Kreon and Lg, leaving me the Benq and new burner just for this purpose.

Again thank you for all your help so far and I sincerely hope someone can assist/point me in the right direction.


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