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2011-10-31 at 09:12PM UTC #3284

stepto head of xbox live enforcements (ban hammer) is recruiting. looks like the ban hammer is about to fall

2011-11-01 at 05:31PM UTC #3298


2011-11-02 at 05:28AM UTC #3305

Of course there’s one coming it is about that time of the year.

2011-11-02 at 10:58AM UTC #3311

so… for what will we get banned ? bad, not verified copys ?
or playing Modern warfare 3 that is release today:..
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 XGD3 0800 REGION FREE-P2P
i don’t really get how this ban hammer works..

2011-11-04 at 03:18AM UTC #3400

what? no sense in scaring people about nothing… you are saying that the xbox enforcement team is recruiting? where did you hear that and what does “stepto head” mean?

2011-11-04 at 09:25AM UTC #3404

we didnt get one last year why would u even jinx it… i just think M$ lost alot of money when they banned those alleged 1m xboxes… so they’re trying to push it so they wont have to take it that far… and plus theyre fighting jtag.. modified saves… and now recently ode’s… im not sure if a ban wave is coming im not miss cleo but i dont think it would be in M$ best interest to repeat that history espically even if they are right for doing it…

2011-11-04 at 10:32AM UTC #3405

” what does “stepto head” mean?” Stephen Toulouse:!/Stepto

2011-11-04 at 11:15AM UTC #3406

banhammer is real but lt+2.0 it legit and c4eva’s firmware prior to lt then lt+ was the reason many was banned but those people updated without any info on what the sys update was implementing they should have waited on the word from c4eva then they wouldnt have been banned. and many banned for bad rips. and yes playing early releases. failed ap.25/26 isnt going to ban peeps as retail boxes fail those checks when disc is scratched or dirty. and with the gxd3 format being new there could be bugs . m$ needs to be 100% before they slam the banhammer on u. if u r 1 of the unlucky 1′s . then u did sumthing to provoke it.
u can count on c4eva not deviating much from stock fw so dont think we have a hole lot to worry about .but if u look at the forums u will see many that updated with cfw when they should have flashed to stock. many using different media then verbatiams and even though they verify the kprobe results r shit. both of these examples r people who follow directions half ass and its these kind of people that end up banned . meaning
that if the team says do it this way then u do it that way and dont deviate from it not even a little. and u will be fine. we all know the risk and if u dont then u should have read up prior to modding ur box. oh yea fuck Stephen Toulouse cant beat his way out of a wet paperbag. c4eva pawns the hole m$ team lmfao

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