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2012-01-17 at 08:31AM UTC #5750

ok before I ask a question ill tell you my setup -

I have a Benq drive with latest 0800 firmware (rips games fine)
I have a iHAS124B drive with latest ixtreme burner max firmware.
I have latest abgx360 (patches games perfectly)
Latest Xbox Backup Creator (rips perfectly)
I use Verbatim media recommended by c4eva.

I have read a lot about imgburn being the program to use when burning backups, But I’m unsure of what settings to use when burning onto Verbatim media.

Can anyone recommend what settings I should have before I burn a cd?

I have read all over the internet and there is so many variations in setting that people use.

I feel I only really trust the help given by you guys on this site.

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2012-01-17 at 01:30PM UTC #5759

The layerbreak settings change depending on disc type so just use the *.dvd file that abgx creates and you will be fine the only other thing is the speed of burning you can tick the perform OPC check before write (Tools then settings click the write tab) if you have MKM003 it will burn at x4, MKM001 will burn at x2.4 I personally haven’t checked the OPC and burn at x2.4 regardless as I have ended up with a few coasters at x4 every disc at x2.4 has been fine. Oh check the verify as well it will log any noticeable problems

2012-01-18 at 09:23AM UTC #5777

Thanks Roystar for the help on this… :-P

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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