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Usage of acetaminophen:

In different acetaminophen pregnancy acetaminophen suspension dosage acetaminophen dosage effects acetaminophen pains of moderate intensity, paracetamol as a weak analgesic together with nonsteroidal analgesic drugs or coanalgesics (e . , caffeine) is a basic non-opioid analgesic (the first step of the analgesic acetaminophen ladder) .
, morphine, phentanyl) opioids from the second and third step of the analgesic ladder, respectively, Paracetamol: mechanism of action, applications and acetaminophen safety concern Fig . , acetaminophen caffeine, tramadol) or strong (e . When pain maintains or increases, paracetamol is used as an additional analgesic with weak acetaminophen (e .
, in symptomatic treatment acetaminophen extended release acetaminophen every day hydrocodone and acetaminophen side effects of slight and moderate pain occurring in osteoarthritis as well as in muscle or tendon pains . Paracetamol, if efficient, is a recommended oral analgesic of a first choice to be used acetaminophen for a long time, e .
, in the case acetaminophen of gastric ulcers, hypersensitivity to aspirin, impairments in blood coagulation, in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children with fever accompanying a disease (5) . Moreover, it is a drug of choice in acetaminophen harmful dose acetaminophen blood test infant acetaminophen dosage guide acetaminophen patients in whom application of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are contraindicated, e .
The use of paracetamol in children requires special care and maintain in an adequate dosage (based acetaminophen pills acetaminophen kidney function acetaminophen dosage 24 hours acetaminophen and on age), which significantly differs from standard adult .
The recommended dosage for children consider the metabolism of paracetamol, acetaminophen which determines the toxicity of the drug, especially hepatotoxicity (see below) .

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