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Parkinson’s Disease artane Parkinsonian Tremor (Suppressed/diminished by willed movement .
Reasserts vip artane castle artane nursing implications artane youth choir artane vs akineton artane quality once the limb assumes a • Sometimes of mixed type: resting + postural/kinetic • Unilateral at onset .
artane tesco dublin artane school of music artane trihexyphenidyl vip artane castle artane side Asymmetric as disease progresses • Mainly hands/forearms .
Also lower artane limbs, jaw, lips, tongue .
NOTE: alternating activity of opposing muscle artane groups, mainly flexors .
Unilateral, Small Amplitude, One body part Bilateral, Coarse Amplitude, artane More body parts 3 .
Essential Tremor Postural and Kinetic Tremor Diagnostic Criteria for Essential Tremor – Action Tremor (Postural and Kinetic) – No other Neurological signs – Maybe head tremor (like ‘yes-yes’ or ‘no-no’) Supportive Criteria: Long duration (>3 ys) Very slow or No progression Positive Family History Response to Alcohol Essential Tremor Severity Archimede’s Spirals Is it artane ET or PD? Essential Tremor Parkinson’s Disease • Resting tremor • More rapid frequency (5-12 Hz) • Slower frequency (3-5 Hz) • Bilateral at onset • Unilateral at onset • Often Familial (30-50%) • Rarely Familial • Stable or slowly progressive • No other Neurological signs • Associated with slowness, shuffling gait, rigidity, stooped posture, imbalance 4 .
Cerebellar Tremor Intention Tremor Intention (Cerebellar) Tremor • Coarse and irregular interruption of forward progression of artane ireland artane essential tremor artane qual receituario artane garage artane google maps movement .
• Slow-frequency (2-4 Hz) • Occurs artane shopping centre artane neuroleptic malignant syndrome dublin artane artane lettings artane only during the most demanding phases of active performance .

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