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Prednisolone resembles the hormone prednisolone tablets for dogs side effects prednisolone acetate treats what prednisolone acetate eye cortisol made by your adrenal glands .
This steroid medication reduces inflammation and is used to treat many conditions, such as allergies, asthma and certain types of prednisolone prescribing information gatifloxacin prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension topical arthritis .
Prednisolone 5 mg is a low-dose steroid, but side effects can prednisolone still happen .
Short-term prednisolone effects may occur within a few days .
Long-term effects typically do not develop prednisolone side effects mouth prednisolone acetate every hour prednisolone side effects mental unless you’ve been taking prednisolone for several months .
Short-Term Effects You may experience stomach upset prednisolone syrup uses prednisolone cats side effects prednisolone side effects in lactation within a few days of starting prednisolone, with symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion and nausea .
Taking prednisolone with food may prednisolone help reduce these side effects .
You may experience an increased appetite and gain prednisolone sod phos uses is prednisolone bad for cats prednisolone acetate sigma aldrich weight if you’re eating more than usual .
Other possible short-term side effects prednisolone risks prednisolone side effects coming off prednisolone transdermal gel for cats include restlessness, moodiness, difficulty sleeping, acne breakouts and increased sweating .
If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels may creep up, necessitating an adjustment in your diabetes prednisolone medication .
Fluid Balance and Immune System Effects Even at a low dose, steroid medications like prednisolone steroids side effects constipation steroids side effects nipples prednisolone side effects forum can disrupt the normal function of your body systems, especially after taking the medication for several months .

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