Can anyone decipher these 2 errors?

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2012-01-03 at 08:39PM UTC #5460

The first one is a xbc error, newest version. Have imgburn (although im still using the last ver.) ihas drive flashed, LT 3.0 on a phat lite on and have been somewhat lucky to have gotten some succesful burns using my leftover kodak stock, i have to go to fry’s n get more, prolly will get the verbs…but i will be mad as fuck if i end up makin any coasters with those!!!

Xbc errror:

Action Read DMI Sector
Sense error 5/24/00
invalid field in CDB

I get this error sometimes when i open xbc, toshiba laptop, win 7 64bit,

the other is one that imgburn has been giving me..

I/O error (0:0:0) ATAPI ihas 224 B GL0A F: USB
ScsiStatus 0×02
Interpretation:Check Condition

CDB random numbers……
Interpretation: Write (10) – Sectors 2032192 – 2032223

Sense area: more numbers……
Interpretation:Write Error

Thank u in advance

2012-01-03 at 08:55PM UTC #5464

i think the first error is what xbc says when it reads a disc in the drive that is not an xbox disc. i’ve noticed a similar message when i had a blank disc or a burned disc in the drive while patching an iso.

when does imgburn give you that other message? on start up or when trying to burn?

2012-01-03 at 10:32PM UTC #5466

Yea try to never start XBC if you have a disk in the drive if thats what happened.Not sure what the IMG one is but it says USB? Are you using a USB burner?

2012-01-06 at 05:36AM UTC #5542

The not having a disc in the drive mustve been causing that error. Yes i am using the ihas via usb. Everything seems fine tho havnt burned a coaster yet with the verbs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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