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Usage of misoprostol:

The abundant blood supply under the tongue and the relatively neutral pH in the buccal cavity misoprostol oral misoprostol 100 mcg how much misoprostol is needed for abortion misoprostol may be contributing factors .
The rapid onset and high peak misoprostol concentration means that of all the possible routes the systemic bioavailability, as measured by the AUC O .
in the first 6 hours, how to take misoprostol medical abortion misoprostol how much misoprostol should i take misoprostol is greatest for sublingual administration .
In contrast to the previous study by can i take misoprostol alone for abortion how to use misoprostol at home mifepristone and Zieman et al .
[3], the AUC360 after oral and vaginal administration are similar but only 54% and 58% respectively of that after sublingual administration misoprostol [4] .
The difference in the findings on the bioavailability of these two studies may be due to the wide variation in misoprostol to soften cervix where can i buy misoprostol for abortion will misoprostol alone cause the absorption of misoprostol through the vaginal mucosa among different women .
On the other hand, although vaginal misoprostol absorption has been shown to be slower and the peak concentration lower than that for the other routes, the serum level of misoprostol is sustained at that low level for a longer period of time .
In fact, at the end of 6 hours the serum level how many misoprostol pills to take for abortion is misoprostol safe misoprostol tablets 200 mcg of misoprostol acid after vaginal administration is higher than those of the sublingual and oral routes .
Therefore, the effect of misoprostol may linger for more than 6 hours after a single can i use misoprostol without mifepristone mifepristone and misoprostol dosage misoprostol process dose, though the threshold serum level for clinical action is unknown .

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