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2012-11-13 at 02:02AM UTC #8106

I’m trying to cross flash my rebadged Plextor PX-L890SA to an iHas224-B. I am using the USB Pro V2 for connectivity to my laptop and an external molex to sata power supply for the drive.

The drive shows up fine on my computer and I can eject etc. and use the drive. I’ve downloaded the appropriate firmware rom codeguys website and also have the flash utility and the eeprom tool.

I can read my stock eeprom and flash just fine. However, when I try to write the stock iHas224 firmware file to the PX-L890SA, I got Flash Write Failed from the flash utility. I found a topic in the TX forums where I had to disable the ripping feature code to flash a drive. I have tried doing this, and it appears to be disabled, but I am still getting the same error.

Any ideas?

2012-11-14 at 06:21AM UTC #8114

I got this sorted out for anyone curious about cross flashing a Plextor PX-L890SA to an iHAS burner. The flash utility by codeguys will not work with the Plextor until you have used a recovery flash to force the Plextor to take the iHAS flash. Once you do that, you can use the flash utility to upgrade firmware and then flash Burner MAX firmware. Recovery flash can be found here.

Note – you must run in admin mode. Also, make sure you have the right drive selected.

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2012-11-17 at 01:01AM UTC #8122

having probs with DV-W524GSB teac how to upgrade.exe to stat the process to run burnermax on it?

2012-11-17 at 01:39PM UTC #8128

01 – Run the app EEPROM_Utility.exe
02 – click on the tab CrossFlash select the ihas orig, fw this will force flash it now that its a ihas you can use the alos.exe to upgrade the fw before flashing burnermax
03 – click convert drive
04 – click yes (Wait for the end of conversion. At the end of the LED still flashes
05 – click exit
06 – turn off and turn on the drive. (Do not turn off the computer, only the cable alim. DVD).

then use the alos.exe for ur drive. then flash burnermax !! good luck

2012-11-19 at 12:24AM UTC #8144

twisted, aren’t your steps a little off? I thought you had to flash firmware first with flash utility before you can convert drive with eeprom utility? Otherwise what will the drive know what to convert to?

OP – I dont know about the DV-W524GSB, but with the Plextor, it would not take an iHAS flash from the flash utility. To get around this I had to use a recovery flasher which bypasses any and all checks before you flash. Then, once I did this, the drive was recognized as an iHAS and I was able to update the flash to the latest burner max supported version, and flash burner max.

2012-12-07 at 02:22AM UTC #8212

Not sure if its common knowledge on these forums but it would seem DL over-burning is possible out the box.…/dp/B0086ZU8XK

Lightning UK has also done some tests on it, looks ok.

Only problem is it seems difficult to get a hold of in the UK. Maybe more readily available in the US. Wonder if its possible to flash a bog standard 5280s with the plus FW?

Based on the results from the Verb DL discs, this seems to be a completely acceptable drive with a decent burn quality. but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that DVDInfoPro and KProbe see this as an “ATAPI iHAS624 B

according to logs it appears to operate consistently in and around the layer break using the full 8.7Gb capacity at least with Verbs anyway, it’s all over the place with cheap media at high speeds though as expected

Its a perfect alternative for those who cannot get hold of a now discontinued B drive (as you know)

2016-02-09 at 12:33PM UTC #8959

Good Morning
Some of you here the C4evaspeaks could pass me the original firmware drive PLEXTOR PX_L890SA in .bin format?
For I lost my bakup and now I can not find in .bin, only .exe.
I will be very grateful, because it will revive my drive.

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