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2012-03-06 at 08:01PM UTC #6383

people keep asking why the livelog is taking so long and whether or not something has been found. also mentioned is the fact that Ubergeek said “does not affect cfw or rgh”. this thread is for the people who can’t follow thru the comments on the main page…

admin says: Nothing is “going on”, he’s been very busy working on 1175. At least on the surface, the update doesn’t appear to have had any effect on fw or RGH. Whether it changed anything else, however slim the chance is, can only be answered by c4eva doing a set of LIVE logs. Keep in mind that changes can happen and have happened without any immediate visible effect on the fw, e.g. the DAE.bin silent updates. That isn’t to say this update does anything of the sort, but the possibility always exists. If you’re fine with taking someone else’s word on the safeness of an update, then by all means go ahead and update. For those who prefer to have a truly definitive answer, based on actual LIVE logs that only he does, then patiently await a green light from c4eva. Nobody is being forced to update or not update — you do so at your own discretion. For the utmost safety, it’s always recommended that you heed the caution so as to not get caught with your pants down if or when MS springs something new.

QuickMythril says: i have said this numerous times: Ubergeek ONLY said it “does not affect cfw or rgh.” that just means your drive fw will not be reflashed and your cb will not be updated. he never said “i checked it all out and there are no secret flags or anything behind the scenes.” i knew day 1 that it didn’t affect cfw or rgh… because i updated and dumped my nand. COME ON PEOPLE THINK!!!

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