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2012-04-18 at 11:01PM UTC #6689

My personal area is electronic and the boys here have begun to unlock xbox
well (I personally do not dominate the part of desbloquio that you dominate) but if the electronic’m in the middle.
let the question:
yesterday and got brand new slim drive Hitachi 0500 (was returned on time)
well I came to cebeça and would like the opinion of you and understand that tbm electronics, for here is how it pinged it would take several months to complete something.
1 – to unlock these 2 does not, right?
2 – Replacing the drive and, since importing them is easy, ebay, deal, etc. until I ordered one already.
3 – the little I have read some trouble changing the drive … if so it would like to discuss.

what is this big problem?
and what solution?

My idea was via electronic part, which draw from the base plate of the xbox, it was possible to extract reading a flash programmer (I have several) and then edit in a hex editor software
Hex as Work Shop v4.23
but of course we would rather find this file. to edit the BIN
this part that takes ..
Then maybe, it fazedo one of us to unlock in the normal battery and see if the same address in flash

I know it is much speculation

but 99% of the planet wants to solve via software, connecting stalk, lyzard (tbm I)
but the electronic part is not being studied

the modern type SPI flash are very simple
I have not looked yet, but on the base plate to the xbox would have them on board?? family would 25XXXX 8-pin …. yeah that is a breeze to read and knowing where to edit copy and write it back after the board

It seems a lot of nonsense and some will be, but it will rain slim xbox hitachi drive with 0500 and now in January 1175 you guys come and go is sucking her thumb if we do something.

Tod guess is useful, marks a hug bag

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