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2011-11-05 at 02:57AM UTC #3445

Hi there. General enquiry here.

I’m waiting on the hitachi FW to be released, but I’d like to know, so I’m ready;

Will I be able to use the same discs and the same burner that I used to use?

For normal dual layer discs I would use verbatim singapore DL discs, and an asus quiettrack DVD burner. They worked 90% of the time.

Will these still be used for the new format, or do I have to invest in new hardware?

Thanks very much.

2011-11-05 at 03:01AM UTC #3446

You can still use that setup for the xgd2 disks that are still trickling out, but for the new xgd3 disks you must use an appropriate liteon drive with the burner max firmware, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for unauthorized disk errors or a ban from M$. But if all you want to play is xgd2 games, you don’t need the lt 2.0 firmware. Hope that helps.

2011-11-05 at 05:00AM UTC #3450

Thanks very much, that’s a great help!

I’m already banned on the console I’m using, so will disc read errors be a big problem with XGD3 burns on a hitachi 47?

2011-11-05 at 09:40AM UTC #3451

yes it will be a problem as ou only have 97% of the game burned, yes some may work ok, but some will just not work at all and always give errors and such.

2011-11-05 at 04:47PM UTC #3463

I see, that makes perfect sense.

So what is the recommended best liteon drive to buy? I’m looking at an IHAS624.
Is there a varying success rate depending on the drive you buy?

Thanks again to both of you.

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2011-11-06 at 12:38AM UTC #3487

C4eva already said which Liteon Models were good for that, so coming from him I am positive any of the liteon drive models he recommends would work as well.

In my case, I only found iHAS124 and iHAS 224 available so I picked up the latter.

Once I tried it, (after the fw flashing of course) I started having trouble with the burning and later found out that those problems resided on the brand of the media i was using.

I got hold of some MEMOREX discs which were identified as RITEK by dvd info program and I followed QuickMythril’s suggestion which was:

Get a program named “Media code speed edit” which works on Liteon drives I’ll try to put a link to his advise here: Browse down to the part where he says how to reflash the drive.

Bottom line is: I did what he advised me to, changed the media speed code for tha RITEK to one that is 2.4x speed only and I have got excellent results, no more failures.

I have found that unless you use the media suggested by c4eva (Verbatims), any other media, 2.4x burning speed is almost a MUST, otherwise you will generate a “coaster”
I hope this comment is helpful to you.

2011-11-06 at 01:39AM UTC #3490

Is your asus quiettrack DVD burner a 24x burner? If it is, it is very possible the drive can be crossflashed to liteon, then flashed with burner max. I have 2 asus drives that where advertized as quiettrack and they where x24b liteon drives made for asus. Use the eeprom utility to look at the drive, if it is version 1.04 or 1.05 it can be done.

2011-12-05 at 02:24AM UTC #4741

It would seem I am on 1.13 .. :( No deal?

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