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2011-12-07 at 01:13AM UTC #4817

i have flashed 3 different hitachis 2 of which being 59 one being a 78 and i cant seem to get any to work. I know it requires having full xgd3 games burned via lt max and i have done that, most of my games were coasters that did terrible testing in kprobe so its understandable the hitachi wouldnt boot those. But i did manage to get one game that pretty much passed kprode testing with a max pi of 5.1 and maz pif of .2 this games starts up for a few seconds then freezes in the same place everytime, is it possibly because of the 5.1 not being a solid 5? If anyone has any suggestion i would greatly appreciate the help.
info: drive flashed with x360usb pro.
lt+ 2.0
13604 dash
not a spoofed drive


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