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2012-12-07 at 09:20AM UTC #8215

Hi to all i have MBIPG101-R10-65 disc and CMC MAG D03-064 and i burn the discs in imgburn with this settings OPC OFF,calculate I/O page1 spti-microsoft.page2 buffer size 71mb main 25% and device 50%. and advaced settings online ON , smart ON and clear OPC withis settings black ops 2 burn good with memorex i can install in the xbox two but in kprobe i think in quality give me 43 and the problem is in the jump of layer is c4eva know something good for that or someone a good settings im going to thankxxx a lot :)

2012-12-07 at 10:33AM UTC #8216

imageburn settings

BurnProof – Enabled
Forced Hyper Tuning – ON
Online Hyper Tuning – ON
Smart Burn – ON
OverSpeed – Disabled
Buffer – 80mb
Burn Speed – 4x or 2×4

TO FULLY BURN XGD3 ON A 15-CENT-PRICED DISC (very common RICOHJPN-D01-67 media, any brand is possible)

First of all, we must get a Lite-On iHASx24 DVD burner (or their clones such as ASUS DRW-24B3ST and so on) and flash iXtreme Burner Max firmware.

After flash, run ImgBurn

0.As in iXtreme Burner Max official tutorial, turn on Tools -> Settings -> Write -> Perform OPC Before Write, because RICOHJPN-D01-67 media is forced to perform write at least 4xs
1.Select “Write image file to disc” as usual.

2.Click “Advanced Settings” button in bottom right corner. (Marked red in screenshot)

3.Open Lite-On panel in Advanced Settings. It is required to click the individual “Change” button if you changed any setting item and a “Success” message will pop up to confirm the change.

- Turn on Online HyperTuning

- Turn on SmartBurn

- Turn off OverSpeed

- Optionally turn on or off Force HyperTuning according to your disc quality

Now you are ready to go! Enjoy XGD3 backups dear friends

Note that in our tests, some discs won’t work at all even with all settings done!! Please try and buy another brand of disc if you encounter this.

!!Way Two!!

This will fix it!!!! patch your games with this link all individual topology patches!!

then flash your ihas with this edited c4evas fw iHAS-124B-AL0S-MKM001MKM003-final_AONE+RITEK+MKM003x2speed.bin then restart your pc or laptop, this is for ihas 124b.


Open IMGBurn and go to TOOLS>SETTINGS>WRITE. Clear the box that Performs OPC Before Write. Then go to TOOLS>SETTINGS>I/O and click Page 2 tab. Move buffer size between 71-73mb, Main Buffer Threshold to 25%, and Device to 50%. Press Ok
Prepare to burn (Write Image File To Disc). On this page you can change the setting to burn at 2.4x and advanced settings (settings area bottom-right of the three icons in that area). Go to Lite-On tab…In the Change For: dropdown-list you will disable Forced HyperTuning, Online HyperTuning, and OverSpeed. If not enabled, Enable SmartBurn. Press OK.
Burn your XGD3 and verify. It should verify at 100%.

all the edited fw does is lets aone and ritek disks burn at 2.4 speed, this will not **** your drive up. all dvd burners can burn at 2.4 speed, its just as good as c4s fw!

this will work for everyone,

2012-12-07 at 10:47AM UTC #8217

here is the fw from the tut above

2012-12-07 at 08:35PM UTC #8221

twisted ur the best but that fw is for downgrade my ihas because i have 524b i can put that to be in 124b? and a friend say me OPC on is for 4x and OPC off is for 2.4x and this iHAS-124B-AL0S-MKM001MKM003-final_AONE+RITEK+MKM003x2speed.bin work with this disc ID (MBIPG101-R10-65 or CMC MAG D03-064)?thankxx

2012-12-07 at 10:48PM UTC #8222

yes crossflash to this fw 124-b i give you then all dvd dl will work its burnermax modified for more disc id’s speeds and such. work quite well. some info on crossflash here by me

Crossflashing any re-badged iHASx24 B to Lite-On firmware (Thanks to Spark for procedure)

Utilities and Lite-On iHASx24 B stock firmware can be found here:

Process is:

1. Launch EEPROM utility and backup EEPROM.
2. Launch Firmware utility and backup Firmware.

With the above steps, these dumps will be needed if you ever need to return the drive to stock for warranted repair etc so it’s a good idea to make 2 dumps just to be sure.

3. Flash the drive using the Firmware utility selecting the exe file. All settings should be left as default. (note: unscrabbled c0deguys firmware is required)
4. After the Flashing utility confirms that the flash is successful, power cycle the drive just the drive not pc unplug power to drive then back in . The Green activity LED on it will now flash constantly but the eject button etc

should respond as normal.
5. Run the EEPROM utility and launch the Convert option. This will finalize the cross flash process.
6. Once this has completed successfully, power cycle the drive again.
7. The drive will now be recognized as an iHASx24 B model and the process is now complete.

Note: Once cross flashed with c0deguys firmware, you should be able to use official Lite-On firmware updates NOW UPDATE TO THE LATEST FIRM FROM LITEON THEN FLASH THE MODIFIED BURNERMAX AND YOUR GOOD TO GO!! GOOD LUCK ALSO CHECK THIS OUT!!

Not sure if its common knowledge on these forums but it would seem DL over-burning is possible out the box.…/dp/B0086ZU8XK

Lightning UK has also done some tests on it, looks ok.

Only problem is it seems difficult to get a hold of in the UK. Maybe more readily available in the US. Wonder if its possible to flash a bog standard 5280s with the plus FW?

Based on the results from the Verb DL discs, this seems to be a completely acceptable drive with a decent burn quality. but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that DVDInfoPro and KProbe see this as an “ATAPI iHAS624 B

according to logs it appears to operate consistently in and around the layer break using the full 8.7Gb capacity at least with Verbs anyway, it’s all over the place with cheap media at high speeds though as expected

Its a perfect alternative for those who cannot get hold of a now discontinued B drive (as you know)

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2012-12-08 at 03:22AM UTC #8226

I crossflash to 124b but when i open imgburn say 4x,6x and 8x dont say 2.4x. and i dont know how to change that because i dont see that MID

2012-12-08 at 08:46AM UTC #8227

is because the thing i dont know is if i dont see any 2.4x in the fw how can i change the speed? and i buy my drive in ebay haha but im thinking in buy the XKEY for no more disc u dont know a page to buy xbox things like 360usb and all that stuff a save page to buy?

2012-12-08 at 12:37PM UTC #8229
twisted247 get xkey and many other thing for 360 here

2012-12-08 at 12:39PM UTC #8230

but with the tut set it to 4x and it should auto select 2×4 if its needed but the mod if for different speeds and disc

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