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2011-10-25 at 11:13AM UTC #2857

Sorry to be a bit of a newb here.

Im wondering is the xgd3 firmware definitely going to be released for the pre79 hitachi drives so we can play backups such as GOW3 or battlefield 3?

I have a hitachi 47DJ with iextreme 1.61 or there abouts and theres nothing I havent been able to play so far.
I’m not pushed about a backup of forza so could i backup other xgd3 games on my present DL dvd burner – a TSH653L with the normal DL 8.5Gb discs?

If/when LT 2.0 does get released for hitachi pre 79 will my old backups made a year ago work with LT 2.0 firmware (my drive doesnt do ap2.5 checks). Thanks in advance, these questions are probably pretty stupid.

2011-10-25 at 01:11PM UTC #2862

The best method to prevent doing pretty stupid questions is to read others threads in the forum. All those questions have been answered over and over.

2011-10-25 at 04:15PM UTC #2885

yes hitachi fw is coming, no we don’t know when, yes your old games will work, and yes these questions have been answered before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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