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2012-11-02 at 04:54PM UTC #8045

Hi all,

I flashed a Hitachi 47dj yesterday with lt2.0 and the flash all went ok, Flash successful message etc.

However, there is a slight problem, The drive wont play XGD3 games, It plays xgd2 no problem at all.

I burn all my games using an Ihas124b burner, and i run all my games through agbx, My Benq lt3.0 drive reads and plays the games fine. I do’nt truncate or overburn as i have the ihas burner with the custom firmware.

It gives me a wrong disc message when i put it in the Hitachi? Does anybody have any ideas as to anything i’ve done wrong?

Its the first Hitachi i’ve ever flashed, and i followed the jf tutorial all the way through and to the word.


2012-11-03 at 03:52AM UTC #8046

laser is to weak. the part of the disc that burnermax /ihas writes too in order to fit the game is unstable hence the reason for verifing the image after you burn. you did let it verifiy right? if not check that it does but more then likely its the laser is to weak to read the gxd3 unstable part of the disc. clean eye of the laser with alcohol and q tip. good luck

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