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2011-11-27 at 12:39PM UTC #4340

Hi like me many other on the new Hitachi 79 LT.20 FW are getting the red light E66 Errror on XGD3 GAMES.

Over at Xbox360iso near everyone with 78/79 and 47 drives are getting this E66 Errror on XGD3 GAMES.

But all XGD2 games work fine .

Is there a bug in this new Hitachi FW ?

2011-11-27 at 02:02PM UTC #4350

Glad its not just me. Sucks regardless but at least now ill stop making more coasters till a solution is offered.

2011-11-27 at 08:07PM UTC #4380

my backup of skyrim loaded i clicked new game then i got the e66 error, now all my xgd3 backups give me the e66 error straight away. not worried tho i know c4eva will already be looking for a solution to this problem.

2011-11-27 at 08:34PM UTC #4386

it looks like its the media/burn problem. It has happened to me yesterday 4 times. The four games burned successfully but failed verification. When i put them into the xbox and it tried to load it it ended up with that 1 RROD.
Later i found a way to successfully burn the games on TDK Ritek media. Burned/Verified successfully in Image Burned and installed 100% to the hard drive. Playing off the disk is fine too so it looks like the rrod is related to the xbox not being able to read the disc correctly for the bad xgd3 backups.

2011-11-27 at 11:08PM UTC #4401

It happened to me too,but I think that the games just need to be properly patched through abgx when the new abgx comes out.This reminds me of Modernwarfare 2.

2011-11-28 at 06:42AM UTC #4433

I have an IHAS4XX B with LTMAX on it. I only use verbatim and never get errors through burn or verification. My liteon is modded with LT 2.0 and the games work fine there, but when i put the same xgd3 game in the hitachi 79 it won’t read. I get e66 one red light.
I know its the firmware because I used a Benq drive and spoofed it to a hitachi 79, put that in the same xbox and the xgd3 games play fine.
I’m sure C4eva knows and is working on it. Just putting my experience out there for others to read and relate to

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2011-11-28 at 11:00AM UTC #4447

Même problème , sauf que moi jais essayer avec une clé usb est les mise a jour du site 2 à 3 fois et la jais obtenu Error … , je remet la clé usb sur le pc et la dans cache il y a 3 ou 4 fichiers inconnu , je les supprimes , je remet un lecteur lite-on spoof et la tous les jeux fonctionne avec n’importe quel lecteur spoof sauf le hitachi 79. Alors qu’il était bloquer avec la maj silencieuse , merci de bien vouloir m’expliquer se qu’il c’est passer ?

2011-11-28 at 02:17PM UTC #4460

It’s not a burner (if you used an iHAS drive) nor a media problem. It’s clear it’s a problem with the firmware at this point. Using the Title Update trick will allow you to play your backups, but can prove to be some hassle.

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