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2012-07-22 at 11:26PM UTC #7564

As I am very much a noob in this case I will ask some stupid questions. First of all I just bought a second hand xbox360 with a modded hitachi drive. I can’t play xgd3 games, I can play fifa12, gta4 and the rest of them but i can’t play bf3 or prototype 2 for example.

Now i understand i have to have LT+ 3 for them to work but please someone explain to me this: What is it with these drives Hitachi 32, 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, and 59? I mean do they read XGD3 games without another firmware on them? And how can i find out if i have an 78/79 hitachi drive?

If I have a 78/79 drive and install LT+ 2.0b dose this make XGD3 games work? How do I upgrade to LT+ 2.0 b?

And if in the near future will there be a LT+ 3.0 available for my console.. I don’t play online and I can wait for the firmware I just want to know if i should keep my xbox or sell it.

I am sorry for the stupid questions but i can’t find out the answers anywhere..

Thank you!

2012-07-23 at 09:27AM UTC #7566

if you have a 78/79 drive, then you will have to wait to play XGD3 as there is no 3.0 released for those drives yet. 2.0b will not change this. (just read all the info on the hitachi drives on the main page of this site.) if you have a pre-78/79 hitachi, then you do not need 3.0 (there is none for them) because those drives do not do the ap2.5 checks. if that is the case, then possibly your discs are failing because they are truncated.

you would have to be burning your discs with an ihas or other compatible drive that is flashed with ixtreme burner max firmware to get a full properly burned (not truncated) 8.7 GB disc. try running your discs (not the iso) through abgx360 if you are not sure. there is a dropdown box at the top under Input, change that to Burned DVD.

the other possibility is that you have the incorrect drive for your xbox and it is trying to do the checks but has a drive that is unable to do so. you should open the xbox and see what drive you have inside.

2012-07-23 at 07:32PM UTC #7568

yes. I just opened my xbox and saw that it is a 0079 which i think means it is a 79 (dooh). I will w8 for lt 3.0 to be available for my drive.
Does any1 have an idea how much i will have to w8? I am asking this just out of curiosity..

2012-07-24 at 06:25AM UTC #7570

I am waiting for at least 6 month or more. i dont have any hope that LT+ 3.0 will come next time.

2012-07-26 at 03:28PM UTC #7586

Don’t take Quicks post as a final answer. I have a Hitachi 79 and along with many others do not need 3.0. Try upgrading to 2.0b that is what gave xgd3 capability in the first place. If it then works great and chances are good it will work. If it doesn’t work then your drive does check for ap 2.5. Again I have a 79 and can confirm my drive DOES NOT ap 2.5 There are also numerous others with Hitachi 79 drives claiming the same results. There only seems to be a small population of those that are affected with Hitachi drives. Instead of sitting around waiting for a long time you might as well do the 2.0 upgrade and see if it at least works. Hitachi’s are incredibly easy to upgrade and so long as you do it correctly it isn’t going to hurt anything anyways.

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