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2011-11-18 at 06:46PM UTC #3955

Is it still true that Hitachis under version 78 are incapable of performing AP2.5 checks? That would essentially make them immune to the recent DAE update news wouldn’t it?

I ask because it seems like early Hitachis would be worth a premium but, I’ve not seen anyone advertising their 360 being extra valuable because of its drive.


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2011-11-18 at 09:26PM UTC #3957

That would be the case, but as of now there’s no lt 2.0 firmware for Hitachi drives so there’s really no way for them to be in demand until it arrives. I’ve got 2 59 drives both with Xenon motherboards and both updated well beyond the dash required for jtag so I’m hoping this firmware will make them fly under the radar.Without the 2.0 firmware they’re pretty much doorstops.

2011-11-19 at 01:45AM UTC #3971

Well Just Have Too Wait and See..we maybe the only Consoles With Samsung not be affected at all..jajaja thats a Slap to all the other CFW that have made fun of us 4 being last :P

2011-11-19 at 01:51PM UTC #3982
M4sT3r J0k3R

secondo me c4eva ci sta prendendo per il culo, non esce più questo c***o di aggiornamento!…..sono più di due settimane che sta scritto “IN TESTING” e poi ci dice che il test e riuscito e poi non lo pubblica???

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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