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2012-02-10 at 12:28AM UTC #6027

I checked tooooo many backup discs which I burnt on Verbs disc by ABGX and they were fine but when I checked them using Kprobe , I could not get any PI nor PIF results near the recommended results by X team but so dose this means that when I use these discs in my xbox they will flag and ban it and how can I make improve quality of burning using LiteOn ihas524 and Verbs discs to get better PI and PIF results ?

thanks in advance.

2012-02-10 at 02:01AM UTC #6028

it means that the disc might be too poor of quality to be able to respond correctly to a CIV check. burn slower, have more system resources available during burning… try different settings. honestly i gave up on kprobe also, since i would check the same disc multiple times and get different results. plus that is testing the ability of your pc drive to read the disc, but your xbox might give different results. i usually just install the disc to the hard drive and make sure the xbox can read all the game data on the disc. not any discredit to the kprobe tool, i’m just lazy and don’t care about the risk of bans…

2012-02-10 at 04:10PM UTC #6032

Disable ALL Features , except for SmartBurn and ForceHT . Those two should be enabled.
OPC should also be disabled. Then restart the PC.

Burn 5 to 8 verbs and your results should get close to perfect. The first few might not.

Also remember that PI values depend on the drive and coincidence sometimes. only reliable values are PIF.

If you still dont get good results. Get the EEPROM utility ( I also use that for enabling and disabling features) and clear media learn.

Also note that Singapore Verbs are the only reliable ones. Taiwanese and Indian arent that good. It’s written next to the barcode on the Spindle label.

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