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2011-10-01 at 05:12PM UTC #1495

F**ksake guys, agree to disagree…..

If people are knocking C4eva then people should have no time for them, it makes no odds if you got banned and blamed him, without him you would not even be playing in the first place. If you get banned for not patching disc’s then again, its tough and certainly NOTHING to do with C4eva.

As I’ve said, if you feel THAT worried about being banned then don’t take a chance on the modded firmware or the copies, play real on a stock machine. Even in the present state the copies and firmware are classed as safe but that most likely won’t stay that way, and yet again, that’s NOT C4eva’s fault.

If you have issue with his firmware then stop moaning and buy the games, all sorted..

In this day and age its rare to get something for nothing, so stop moaning about C4eva.

2011-10-01 at 05:28PM UTC #1497

Wow. Guys you need to take a breath. Step back and don’t take things so personal. Don’t like what’s being said then don’t respond. It just feeds into it. Don’t think we would be here if we didn’t have at least some interest/faith in what c4eva is doing for us.Lots of good info. being posted take advantage of it. Love the back /forth opinions but the name calling is a bit much.
Not trying to tell anyone what to post, just my 2cents.

2011-10-01 at 05:29PM UTC #1499

You could sit their an lie to yourself if that helps you sleep better at night lol

Rep whore? You’re a leech an that’s all you ever would be,son! :D

You would beat my a**, that’s funny lol,you’re scared to even respond to me @360iso even though I messaged you an called you out chump.

Ohyeah we share it with your wife, lol punk!

Yup I’m defending c4eva,anyone who is greatful and appreciative would do so.
When I was longing to play that new hit title an couldn’t afford it,microsoft wasn’t the one making it possible to do so,c4eva was!

I rest my case,I will not argue with someone who is old and uneducated an takes his anger out on nineteen year olds.


2011-10-01 at 05:32PM UTC #1500

haha wow, i can’t believe you guys are arguing, when you both pretty much have the same standpoints. leave your feud at the isos forum… lol. 19 and 35 isn’t much of a difference. i am 27 so that’s like right inbetween you guys.

2011-10-01 at 05:46PM UTC #1501

if u followd the topic and comments then u seen the spot if got f up and who is butthurt . also we must be on different 360iso cause there is a topic i started in general news that read handsomeking718 is a lip boxer lol so lets see my account disapear little one lol. u guys r right name calling is vary bad tell my kids the same cu on iso360 clown oh my bad buddy!!

2011-10-01 at 06:38PM UTC #1503

didnt know u came here stalking me from earlier topic at 360iso ? wow wow and when u was typing all the above mess u knew u had been shitted on at 360iso already u lame wow

and u said try that shit at 360iso haha u clown i am truely done guys thanks for putting up with me not like this on the norm but if u read the comments above this kid just jumps in from no where with threats and it stems from the link i just posted and i didnt even speak with him in that topic either just went to it and followed up after my post and all i can say is wow kid ur a clown bet ur butthurt now kiddo!! lmfao score twisted247 3 handsomeking718 big 0

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2011-10-01 at 07:10PM UTC #1507

look like someone got banned for 360iso fucking clown

2011-10-01 at 07:41PM UTC #1508

its not me dude. not u to .what is it with u guys today. another stalker from 360iso that posted 7 pages in for the first time with no view of his own. kinda like the other kid above just posted shit talking nothing on the topic. and not banned. topic closed and i didnt even start it and the sad thing is everybody was getting along but u two dicks.

2011-10-02 at 02:51AM UTC #1522

Play till update
Wait for an its good from c4 or a new cfw
End of Convo

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