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2012-04-19 at 03:30PM UTC #6696

anyone else having problems with this game and disk 1 burning?

W 00:54:12 User accepted disc space warning and is attempting to truncate!
I 00:54:13 Operation Started!
I 00:54:13 Source File: C:DownloadzReadyGamezxbox360Kinect Rush A Disney Pixar Adventureimars-kradpa.disc1.dvd
I 00:54:13 Source File Sectors: 4,267,019 (MODE1/2048)
I 00:54:13 Source File Size: 8,738,854,912 bytes
I 00:54:13 Source File Volume Identifier: DVD_ROM
I 00:54:13 Source File Volume Set Identifier: 54118000MS UDFBridge
I 00:54:13 Source File Application Identifier: CDIMAGE 2.45 (12/06/2000 TM)
I 00:54:13 Source File Implementation Identifier: Microsoft CDIMAGE UDF
I 00:54:13 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.50)
I 00:54:13 Destination Device: [2:0:0] hp CDDVDW TS-L633M 0301 (D:) (ATA)
I 00:54:13 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: UMEDISC-DL1-64)
I 00:54:13 Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 3x, 4x
I 00:54:14 Destination Media Sectors: 4,173,824
I 00:54:14 Write Mode: DVD
I 00:54:14 Write Type: DAO
I 00:54:14 Write Speed: 1x
I 00:54:14 DVD+R DL Reserve Track: No
I 00:54:14 Link Size: Auto
I 00:54:14 Lock Volume: Yes
I 00:54:14 Test Mode: No
I 00:54:14 OPC: No
I 00:54:14 BURN-Proof: Enabled
W 00:54:14 Write Speed Miscompare! – Wanted: 1,385 KB/s (1x), Got: 4,155 KB/s (3x)
W 00:54:14 The drive only supports writing these discs at 3x, 4x.
E 00:54:16 Optimal layer break position exceeds L0 capacity.
E 00:54:17 Optimal L0 Sectors: 2,133,520
E 00:54:17 Maximum L0 Sectors: 2,086,912
E 00:54:17 Operation Failed! – Duration: 00:00:03
I 00:54:17 Average Write Rate: N/A – Maximum Write Rate: N/A

I get the pop up to overburn or truencate.
Where all XGD3 games already have Truencate selected this one shows Overburn as selected. I’ve tried to burn with either one and it keeps turning up the above.

2012-04-19 at 05:14PM UTC #6698

i know that this game requires dash 14699 and kinect star wars requires 14719 rather than only requiring 13599 like most xdg3 titles. also those discs seem weird to me. i never saw the Disc ID: UMEDISC-DL1-64 until i bought some verbatims recently, except they were not really verbatims, they were this brand. but mine don’t write at 3x. i’ve never seen a disc write at that speed. just get an ihas burner and you won’t have to deal with that. from what i heard the newer dashboards are less forgiving of truncated games anyway. you might be able to play for a while then get booted back to the dashboard every few minutes for failing the CIV checks with truncated discs.

2012-04-19 at 07:12PM UTC #6701

The disks are Windata and so far 719 games work fine on them. The burner is a laptop burner because that is what is available to me. Haven’t had a problem yet until now.

2012-04-24 at 04:21AM UTC #6774

I was were you were a month ago. Was proud of my maxell 100+ back ups same with tdk’s then nothing i burned would work. Made about 20 coasters. I thought it was updates, topology maybe firmware problem. Read 20 forums and all came to the same conclusion. Verbs highly recommend. Bought a 20 pack mk 003 and now 100% success. I don’t no what it is with xgd3 games but they do not like cheap media. Hitachi 79 Lt2.0 14719.

2012-04-24 at 04:26AM UTC #6776

It’s funny everyone keeps trying to hack on the media when they keep overlooking the fact that this game is larger then most XGD3 games.

2012-04-24 at 04:14PM UTC #6780

i’m pretty sure it’s the same as any other xgd3…? and if it really is larger, that’s more of a reason that the media would be important, since verbatims are the most stable the farther you go past the rated capacity of the disc…

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