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2012-05-28 at 02:24PM UTC #7165

I’ve an xbox slim with the liteon drive with the fw 1175
As we all know, the lt+ is not available yet for this drive
So i’ve been wondering, what if I replaced my drive with an other wich the lt+ is applicable for it
Is that possible , can I do that, if yes ,can somebody show me the way to do it
An other thing, what does that liteon presented in that contest have more special than the other drives
Thank you

2012-05-28 at 08:02PM UTC #7172

the ihas drive in the contest is for burning the entire 8.7 gb of data to a disc for xgd3 games. normal burners can only burn to 8.5 gb.

as far as changing your drive, someone else asked this a while ago and this is what i wrote to them:

definitely not live safe. (who knows if they would detect and ban you though, it’s up to you to take that risk or not.) i remember reading something that makes me think it might not even work at all. here’s what i found when i searched “slim real time firmware checks”. pretty sure if it checks the fw it will be able to tell it’s not the correct drive.

c4eva: new dash at some point checks slim drive fw, once it has spoof will cease to work
*****: for slim what kind of real time checks are we talking about?
c4eva: realtime fw check,realtime ram check!
c4eva: they are checking for our code/data in drive!

2012-05-28 at 10:37PM UTC #7176

2nd …You need your drive key to even spoof which is not possible atm

2012-05-29 at 05:45AM UTC #7184

I have kept my brand new slim v1175 safely packed, in my cupboard. Resting in peace till C4 shines his light on poor souls like me.. :P

Keep up the good work C4. Will wait patiently..

2012-06-01 at 06:15PM UTC #7228

i’m also very much depending on c4eva for relasing liteon 1175. please guys, don’t let us wait too long, i beg you. i bought my xbox 6months ago and i’m still waiting.

2012-06-11 at 02:23PM UTC #7285

When this lt3 will be available for lite on 1175,I want to use my wasabi360 on my new Xbox?!

2012-06-14 at 06:00AM UTC #7300

Atention people. LT 3 for 1175 has been DONE. Look’s like the drive can’t be unlocked for writing. Much possible the only way to play backupus on Corona will be RGH 3. So, pay atention on TX site for release date, two weeks waiting.

2012-06-14 at 06:05PM UTC #7306

Ubergeek: “The 1175 fw was done ages ago, and TX doesn’t have a say in how it is released. Only a total dipshit moron would think we’d hold back on that. The fact is we can’t unlock the drive for writing. Thats it plain an simple.”

2012-06-16 at 01:46PM UTC #7326

If the drive is unlocked and can extract only the drive key it’s ok for me but I want the way for extracting,do anyone knows the way?? (I don’t care in the moment for the lt3 only for drive key)

2012-06-20 at 10:11AM UTC #7359

The same for me, i only need the drive key!

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