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2011-10-21 at 01:47PM UTC #2610

Liteon iHAS*24 B Rebadges And Crossflashing Info
original posted @ xbox-scene by: cross_stix

Since the announcement of C4Evas DVD Burner FW I thought I would start a thread about the re-badged iHASx24 B drives, as the Lite-On badged drives may become harder to find.

Buying a re-badged drive should also guarantees you a Mediatek chipset based drive (A or B series). Whereas buying a Lite-On drive, you could also get a NEC chipset drive (Y

series, re-badged Sony Optiarc AD-724xS/AD-726xS)

Confirmed iHASx24 B re-badges
(thanks to Exobex for 1270i and PL-L890SA)

DRW-24B3LT (confirmed)
DRW-24B3ST (confirmed)
DRW-24B1LT (confirmed newer drives are B chipset, older may be A chipset)
DRW-24B1ST (confirmed newer drives are B chipset, older may be A chipset)

DVD 1270i B (confirmed)
DVD 1260i B (confirmed) there may also be older A model (unconfirmed)

PL-L890SA (confirmed)…0-newegg-317360
Now the A series drives are no longer produced so your chances of getting an A series drives from a retailer such as Newegg is slim. Looking at reviews on Newegg for the DRW-

24B1ST, there is one dated back to March 2011 reporting a B series drive.

Crossflashing any re-badged iHASx24 B to Lite-On firmware (Thanks to Spark for procedure)

Utilities and Lite-On iHASx24 B firmware can be found here:

Personally I would recommend iHAS624 B firmware for LightScribe drives and iHAS524 B firmware for non LightScribe drives as this gets you the largest feature set (SmartErase +

LabelTag), but you can chose any iHASx24 B firmware you wish.

Process is:

1. Launch EEPROM utility and backup EEPROM.
2. Launch Firmware utility and backup Firmware.

With the above steps, these dumps will be needed if you ever need to return the drive to stock for warranted repair etc so it’s a good idea to make 2 dumps just to be sure.

3. Flash the drive using the Firmware utility selecting the exe file. All settings should be left as default. (note: unscrabbled c0deguys firmware is required)
4. After the Flashing utility confirms that the flash is successful, power cycle the drive. The Green activity LED on it will now flash constantly but the eject button etc

should respond as normal.
5. Run the EEPROM utility and launch the Convert option. This will finalize the cross flash process.
6. Once this has completed successfully, power cycle the drive again.
7. The drive will now be recognized as an iHASx24 B model and the process is now complete.

Note: Once cross flashed with c0deguys firmware, you should be able to use official Lite-On firmware updates

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2011-10-21 at 02:04PM UTC #2613

Good find. That should help some of the people who have run into shortage issues in their region.

2012-05-19 at 06:06AM UTC #6951

An expanded list of models has been added to the front page in the Firmware Status table under the “Lite-On PC DVD Burner” section. Thank you to cross_stix for compiling the original list, and everyone else who contributed to identifying and testing additional models. As of its time of inclusion in the table on 2012-05-03, the current list of cross-flashable drives is as follows:

The following re-badged OEM drive models are confirmed capable of being cross-flashed with the iXtreme Burner MAX firmware. Please note that the drive models marked with a * also have older versions with the “A” chipset, so be aware of this when purchasing to ensure that the version you’re getting has the newer “B” chipset. If it’s not marked with a *, then you don’t need to worry — it will be a “B” chipset.







Contact us if you know of any other confirmed cross-flashable drives that aren’t on this list.

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2012-06-16 at 06:17PM UTC #7330

once you have cross flashed with codeguys firmware do you then put firmware max on to it or is this prosses ready to burn xgd3 titles after crossflashing

2013-01-30 at 01:13PM UTC #8448

is it possible to crossflash TEAC DV-W524GS (without B)?

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