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2012-02-19 at 07:39AM UTC #6178

Hello you guys

I am here to tell something that is happening to me and ask your opinion.
Three weeks ago I flashed my liteon drive to LT 3.0, then I reburn some games including the new topology data. One of them was Forza 4. (I burn with truncate method and Ridata media)

After putting my forza 4 backup into the drive, I noticed some weird noises coming out of my drive. Those noises sounded like the disc were not running properly inside the drive. After some minutes playing the game I got an error “Impossible to read disc, data may be corrupted” . I reburned it two times more and with all the backups it happened the same. (Maximum of 5min then error).

I reburn it once more but this game with layerbreak 2086912 AND didn’t apply the topology data. I ran it the disc with the help of Title Updates (As you already know, it is possible to play 2.0 games in LT 3.0 with TU’s);
Well, I did it and again no success. Tried my old Forza 4 for LT 2.0 backups and got the same errors.

Then I noticed that this was happening after I flashed it to LT 3.0. So I reflashed it to LT 2.0 and bang!
Got no erros at all. I could play until I didn’t want anymore. Did you got the same? Well I need some explanation.

Anyway, I gave up trying to make truncated discs of Forza 4 work properly with LT 3.0 and next week I am buying a Ixtreme Ihas Burner. I have now thousands of forza backups lol

Some important informations

Dashboard 13604 (by the time I flashed for the first time to LT 3.0)
Dashboard 14717 (by the time I reflashed to LT 2.0 and then back to LT 3.0)
and I Have a Liteon FW 1071

See ya,

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