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2011-11-20 at 02:44AM UTC #4025
We just had a development meeting with C4E and he dropped a bombshell. Thanks to the recent silent DAE update he has been able to discover how to hit DAE/AP25 with the ?Silver Bullet? and has developed iXtreme LT 3.0 which defeats DAE/AP2.5 reliance COMPLETELY.

A new FW and a new version of XBC will be released to get you up and running again in no time.

We can also confirm that C4E has finished the Hitachi LT 2.0 fw (not affected by DAE/AP25) and will be releasing that as soon as its gone through final testing.

You heard it here first.

2011-11-20 at 03:01AM UTC #4028

i just read this and was amazed, the bans havent even been officially issued yet and c4e already slapped M$ across the face

2011-11-20 at 03:21AM UTC #4029

Great news! Hopefully this makes MS give up COMPLETELY!!

2011-11-20 at 03:36AM UTC #4034

they will give up and neither will the team

2011-11-20 at 04:21AM UTC #4036

Hitachi LT 2.0 fw (not affected by DAE/AP25)
U mean that hitachi don’t need LT+ 3.0 ? they need only LT+ 2.0 ?

2011-11-20 at 04:27AM UTC #4037


Every technique Msft rolls out there’s always that brief period of time before C4E can respond that – for a fleeting moment – the situation seems bleak. This is momentous! No way could this just be 2.1, it is fully deserving of a whole new version number. Think about it, Msft has worked years on this scheme to hopefully prevent backup usage, and yet they’ve only succeeded in delaying unrestricted play – what – maybe a month? Epic. Can’t wait.

2011-11-20 at 04:30AM UTC #4039

I am utterly speechless at C4Eva’s godlyness… about “shock and awe”.

2011-11-20 at 05:05AM UTC #4040

This great news.Looking forward to this. :D

2011-11-20 at 01:26PM UTC #4049

well if anyone could do it. it would for sure be c4eva :P
Let me know if you need any help c4eva. im pretty good with this stuff.

we should start calling c4eva, ALMIGHTY C4EVA

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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