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2011-11-02 at 04:26PM UTC #3326

I burned a few xgd3s with em and they all work fine so idk what people are talking about it not working?

2011-11-02 at 06:26PM UTC #3332

what settings are u using?

2011-11-02 at 06:38PM UTC #3334

Please, can you post: imgburn settings, used media code ID, burner model and changes made with Media Code Speed Edit in the firmware.

2011-11-02 at 10:44PM UTC #3342

yea i got my memorex disks to work after i modded the firmware to force burn at 2.4x

2011-11-03 at 01:20AM UTC #3344

I already modified the firmware and chose the other Memorex (Ritek) settings, the one that has 2.4 x Speed burning speed.
My question is: How do I re flash my Liteon iHAS224B with the new fw that media speed generated.
Do I have to go all the way with the tutorial from the beginning or just the final step ?, Which is write directly to the drive.

No backing Eprom etc.

2011-11-03 at 07:35AM UTC #3354

yea same here for memorex with Ritek SO4-66 media id… im using Lite-on Ihas 124B .i backed up the original eeprom flashed it with ixtreme burner max then used mediacode speed edit replaced the what was in RITEK S04-66 to 2.4x saved it… used the same flash utility that is given.. but use the one that says iHAS-124B-AL0S-MKM001MKM003-final_speedpatched or something similar to that if your model is different flash and presto…. burn at 2.4x opc off Turn on Force hypertuning, Online hypertuning, SmartBurn …. Leave overburn disabled and then burn i have had 2 coasters playing with settings but other than that smooth sailing with memorex

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2011-11-04 at 12:01PM UTC #3409

u guys wait on c4eva to make the firm then test the firm then tell u verbatiams only . do u think he was not able to make the cheap media burn and verify. but u guys can. its the kprobe results on cheap media that presents a problem and u guys r idiots to think ur smarter then the man who makes this all possiable . he could have done the same thing for cheap media. he didnt because its not safe burns pi is off the charts with the cheap media and will be easy for ms to detect. if u get banned its ur fault for trying to deviate from the way c4eva and the team meant for the fw to be used.

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2011-11-04 at 02:06PM UTC #3422

@Twisted, got to agree with what you said, if any other media would have worked reliably HE WOULD HAVE SAID. What a lot of people are thinking is that the other media they used used to be 100%, they didn’t have a problem with it, I myself used Mirror disks at one time and they are as cheap as you can get, only had one fail BUT we have to remember that the media used NOW must be able to burn more on the disc, it may not be much but it needs a reliable media to do it to save countless poor and faulty burns.

The old media you used is most likely not up to this or may be unpredictable so C4eva chose Verbatims, the known good disc on the 360, he did it for that reason…

Unless you have been lucky to find a brand with a high success rate on YOUR burner and liked by YOUR 360 laser then your best bet is to stick to what the mighty C4eva said unless you think your knowledge and IQ beats his?

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2011-11-04 at 07:30PM UTC #3430

i have done all my memorex backups using kprobe tool and even used nero discspeed tool
i dont have any screen shots of kprobe graph i just reformatted my computer but next test i will put one up so u can see the quality of the burn is good… i just did a nero disc speed at 2x and these are the results

General Information
Drive: ATAPI iHAS124 B
Firmware: AL0S
Disc: DVD+R DL (n/a)
Selected speed: 2 X
PI Errors
Maximum: 102
Average: 14.43
Total: 481083
PI failures
Maximum: 4
Average: 0.04
Total: 11486
PO failures: -
Jitter: -
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 43:34
Number of samples: 250921
Average scanning interval: 1.06 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

even tho the pie is 2 ticks ofd from 100 pif only max at 4 and that may have been cause by my faulty blackberry charger every time i moved it it re-synced to the comp… kprobe gave me even better results.. so for u to say its dogshit media… numbers dont lie try it urself..

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2011-11-05 at 02:52AM UTC #3444

I honestly just don’t get it. Obviously people are going to great lengths to burn these new xgd3 games by spending time and money on a custom burner and potentially an 0800 drive to rip their own games, but for the life of me I can’t get figure out why those same people absolutely insist on cheaping out on the media, which is probably the most important piece to the puzzle. Is it really worth that extra 50 cents per disk? I mean lets be totally honest, 99.9% of people burning games don’t own the originals so if for all intents and purposes the game is free, why not just drop the extra buck or whatever to get the highest class media? It’s like buying a Ferrari and being too cheap to put premium gas in it and bitching about it not running right. Let the flaming proceed…

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