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2012-11-15 at 08:42PM UTC #8120

I think you guys get sick of these questions but I already bought a wrong ihas drive so i definitely need to
know if this one is an compatible crossflashable drive:

It’s in Dutch but I think you guys can figure it out, or else let Google translate the page! I’m wondering if it’s a correct one, although it says it has 2mb flash:
Grootte buffergeheugen: 2 MB

Does this instantly mean that it’s compatible?

Thanks for your time,

2012-11-17 at 03:15PM UTC #8131

Cross-Flashable Models

In addition to the normal Lite-On iHAS “B” burners, there are several other drive models of different brands that can be cross-flashed to an iHAS by using the original Lite-On iHAS firmware and EEPROM utilities. These cross-flashable drives are re-badged OEM drives, which means they are manufactured by Lite-On and contain the same internal hardware and components as the Lite-On iHAS, but are sold under a different brand name (ASUS, Dell, HP, Plextor, TEAC), some with a different faceplate/bezel on the front of the drive, and/or with different retail packaging.

Please note that the cross-flashable drive models marked with a * in the list below have multiple revisions, of which only the “B” revision is supported. Revision “Y” (NEC chipset), “A” (older MTK chipset), “C” (MTK chipset/1MB flash), and “D” (MTK chipset/1MB flash) are not compatible. c4eva’s custom Burner MAX firmware is based on the Lite-On iHAS “B” revision which has an MTK chipset with 2MB flash.

The revision letter is usually indicated somewhere on the retail box and also on the label sticker on the drive itself. For some drives, the revision letter is part of the drive model, or appears near or after the end of the drive model on the label sticker. Depending on when a particular model was manufactured and the retail destination country/region, the configuration and placement of the stickers may be slightly different; different arrangement, dual barcodes, different certification logos, and so on. If you are purchasing a cross-flashable drive online or from a retail store, you should have customer service or the salesperson check the label on the box or the sticker on the drive to ensure that it is in fact a “B” revision.

Please refer to the gallery of images on the dedicated iHAS & cross-flashable list page for examples of some of the different revisions’ drive label stickers and box labels.

The following drive models are confirmed capable of being cross-flashed with c4eva’s iXtreme Burner MAX firmware:




iHAS322* (thanks to Hasham, Risay, and Kingston for confirming)
DH-16ABSH11B (thanks to Charles for confirming)



looks good to me.

2012-11-17 at 04:09PM UTC #8132

The Dutch sites are not backward, the news that the stock of B chipset Ihas is drying out has reached them too. Consolepro has them for 40 euro’s. Probably any site that has something to do with the game scene has doubled their price. If you see a Ihas for 20 Euro, you probably have a 90% chance it’s with another chipset. Maybe the news that this Ihas is compatible has not yet reached it.
Order it, you can always send it back.

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2012-11-19 at 08:14AM UTC #8157

@kutjelikken Bedankt voor je antwoord.

2012-12-07 at 02:23AM UTC #8213

Not sure if its common knowledge on these forums but it would seem DL over-burning is possible out the box.…/dp/B0086ZU8XK

Lightning UK has also done some tests on it, looks ok.

Only problem is it seems difficult to get a hold of in the UK. Maybe more readily available in the US. Wonder if its possible to flash a bog standard 5280s with the plus FW?

Based on the results from the Verb DL discs, this seems to be a completely acceptable drive with a decent burn quality. but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that DVDInfoPro and KProbe see this as an “ATAPI iHAS624 B

according to logs it appears to operate consistently in and around the layer break using the full 8.7Gb capacity at least with Verbs anyway, it’s all over the place with cheap media at high speeds though as expected

Its a perfect alternative for those who cannot get hold of a now discontinued B drive (as you know)

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