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2011-11-19 at 01:55PM UTC #3983

Hi have a stubborn Samsung ms28 drive.

I try to get it into vendor mode and i get this.

stage 1 complete
stage 2 complete
stage 3 complete
sending vendor intro
vender intro failed

I have tried the unlock samsung button in jungle flash.

I have also tried going straight to into drive and switching the drive power on and off.

Also I have tried to do both theses methods with the tray half open.

Can anyone help me?

Its really frustrating lol.

2011-11-19 at 08:02PM UTC #3998

try vendor intro instead of samsung unlock.

also try this thread

2011-11-20 at 09:34PM UTC #4061

make sure you power the dvd drive off for 1 second then back on quickly or the intro won’t work. This can be tricky to do sometimes, i’ve had trouble when i flash my samsungs

2011-11-21 at 07:29AM UTC #4070

Cosmoo (or anyone else)

When you were on stock, did you update the console to latest updates?

For upcoming 3.0 fw, I want to go ahead and flash my samsung LT+, Hitachi LT+1.9, and Benq LT+2.0 back to stock fw..
Then go online on all three systems and update to latest dash. I need the kinect updates.. because my benq 2.0 I just flashed asked to online for kinect.
I’ve kept all my systems offline after flash.
I’m just not sure if lastest updates will mess up if I decide to flash my samsung to 2.01 for offline? Thanks

2011-11-21 at 08:26AM UTC #4071

Hi novak2k6

The system I’m trying to flash is a second hand already flashed system with a bust drive (the stubborn Samsung drive i speak of previously)

I haven’t updated the system or anything at the moment as my trying to replace the drive and retrieve the key from this stubborn Samsung drive.

2011-11-21 at 12:14PM UTC #4075

Hi click activate,iso in upper right of mtkflash 32 tab and download iso
burn it with no layerbreak settings, with all data present on first Layer, IMGBurn will do this fine just select the ISO and confirm you want to burn to a large capacity disc with all data present on L0 (Layer 0).
Once burned, simply place it in your Samsung drive while connected to the PC, wait 30 seconds and run JungleFlasher. click intro/device id. should be in vendor mode.
all this is on page 22 of jungleflash tutorial

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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