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2013-01-14 at 07:58PM UTC #8402

WTF is this!??
I apply the last 16202 dash update and now I can’t play mp4?! it asks me to connect to internet and download the update (Optional Media Update)
Why can’t I just download to USB pendrive and install offline?
And connecting to internet is not an option since the whole reason I modded my box was because I got fed up of Microsoft when my Lan Card broke. There is no way I’m gonna respect these companies with those attitudes.

I hint a possibility I read somewhere, configure my android as a wifi hotspot and use it for making the 360 connect to internet and update, now the problem is my drive is flashed, is this possible? should I need for this to flash to stock again?

2013-01-16 at 10:01AM UTC #8405

Just wanted to say that magically and after 2 years in the dark, I tried and plugged the ethernet cable and it worked!!
So my personal problem is solved, although some anger is still left towards microsoft on why now everything must be ONLINE, otherwise you’re worth nothing.

I was about to buy a Wireless adapter and sell it afterwards, fortunately not necessary now.

2013-01-16 at 08:10PM UTC #8409

i think it has something to do with licensing for the optional media update’s codecs. microsoft needs to have a “receipt” or proof of download, so to speak. i don’t think it is their property, otherwise they could have just bundled it into a dash update. the way licensing works on the xbox, only code paired to that xbox will run normally so it’s just like any xbla or dlc you would download. you can’t just copy it from one xbox to another.

2013-01-29 at 11:14PM UTC #8445

I have been married for 20 years to a man 15 years older than me. We have two children and a lovely home.
However, 11 years ago I met a married work colleague. As soon as he walked in the room ‘sparks flew’. Up until that point, I had never looked at another man, let alone thought about adultery. Needless to say, we slept together.
I had just been made redundant, but over the years we kept in touch, but did not actually meet. Then, last year, we agreed to meet for a drink. Eight years had passed, but the chemistry was still there, if not stronger. We ended up sleeping together again.
We see each other perhaps four times a year, and we speak on the phone every couple of weeks or so. This suits us both because it can’t interfere with our home lives.
I saw him a couple of days ago. Since I last saw him, I have lost a couple of stone, changed my hair colour and wore a diamond ring from my husband on my wedding finger.
Within 10 minutes we were making love and it was beautiful. We went downstairs for a drink and he spotted my ring. He commented that it must have cost a lot of money.
I was a little surprised because he plays his cards close to his chest. He’s never commented on my jewellery before.
We went back to the room and made love again, but this time it was quite aggressive. He asked permission to insert something inside me, and I said yes.
Everything was fine and then he started to hurt me. I opened my eyes and he seemed to have a ‘red mist’ all around him. He was so intent on what he was doing to me, I don’t think he heard me cry out in pain.
I put my hand down and gripped his arm, and he stopped. He then tenderly made love to me. I have always felt safe with him, but for a brief moment I was frightened.
Since then, I have had some internal bleeding, and this worries me, but I can’t understand why he should turn into a Jekyll and Hyde character.
Was he ‘marking his territory’? Was he jealous because my husband had bought me a new diamond ring?
We both have to accept the fact that we make love to our spouses. This has totally thrown me and I don’t know what to think.
I don’t know how to broach the subject without making him feel really bad. I have lost a little trust in him, but I don’t want to not see him again. Am I my own worst enemy?

2013-01-30 at 03:08PM UTC #8450

Change the extension to .m4v

Should magically work ; )

2013-02-07 at 11:12AM UTC #8476

I know I made my bed so lie in it, so no reason stating the obvious. I had a mistress for 2 years and she called and told my wife when I finally told her I would never leave my wife for her. My wife and I stayed together and trying to work it out. Now the mistress is threatening to give some info that she held back like my mistress and I having sex in our marital bed and our sexual activities which I feel is embarrasing. I think the wife may try to forgive, only because she kind of has low self esteem, but not entirely sure what she will do. My question is what do I do with my X mistress go back to her to keep her quiet?

I have been with her 2 years she knows where I live and work and contacting my wife twice to disclose information is not a crime.

She is blackmailing for us to get back together not for money. The additional info she has is damning and embarrassing. It includes a video I made of myself.

Wow. A lot of this makes me feel sorry for the X mistress. She is hurting too. I realize I did string her along with pretenses of me leaving my wife. I really thought I would, but changed my mind.

2013-02-15 at 04:41PM UTC #8502

My ex husband refinanced the house so he could buy me out my share of the house. The loan went through but the mortgage company is giving him the money. When I questioned this they said that it would have to be decided between us. I do not understand this . If he is buying me out wouldn’t the money rightfully belong to me? how is is he is getting the house and half of my money as well. or I should say a portion of my own money? He wants to pay off his credit cards with my money.In our divorce decree it says property is to be decided among us. This looks like he is getting the money and the house as well. This leaves me with practically nothing.He shoud get the house I should get the money correct? Shoud I go back to the divorce lawyer to fight for my money? I am almost ready to tell the mortgage company to put my name back on the mortgage because the deal will be off unless he instruct them to put the money in my account. I took out a personal loan to have the house remodeled last year and to top that off it went over budget. The mortgage company needs to compensate me for that as well. My ex put no money into the remodeling nor did he buy any of the appliances in the house. The house was apraised at $230,000, therefor they are only giving $940,000
To me that is not a fair amount my loan was $12,000 but I had to come out of my pocket with additonal $3,000 for expenses I did see coming, such as a flooded basement. No money was put into this from my ex. Our divorce decree from the state of Virginia says property is to be decided among the party.Should I get the money and he the house? help!

2013-02-16 at 01:31AM UTC #8503

what on earth is going on in this thread?!? lol

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