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2011-11-24 at 01:24PM UTC #4176

Hello everybody!
I searched here on the site and did not find any reviews about it (I may not have looked properly).
But we found a partial solution to XGD3 games back to work.
Everyone who put their own risk.

Again, sorry for my English;

Download the Horizon site:
visit the website:
Download updates the title as the region of your console.

Format a USB stick in your consle.
Connect it to your computer and open the horizon.

Inside the horizon, go to the tab “Tools” and open the “Package Manager”
Click “Open” and browse to the file you downloaded from
And click “Save to Device”.

Ok, now go to your console, unplug the network cable.
Go to the storage units of its console.
Open the options for this device “Y Button” and call the “Clear cache system.”

Ok, now plug the USB stick to the console
Run the game that was inserted in the title update USB stick.

Do not connect to live because it can reverse this process.

2011-11-24 at 11:28PM UTC #4198

Thanks man for ur useful post . everyone’s here must learn that from u and stops commenting s**t here .
and try to help other Ppl . Very good post man I mean it :)
by the way is that the TU trick ?

2011-11-25 at 01:47AM UTC #4204

i use this process and it does work i am still able to play mw3 online. yes it will ask u to download the disc update. just clear your system cache when done. the next time it will boot so i can play online again been doing this for like a week but i just clear the cache when i am done. i figure if they already flagged me and i’m going to get banned so be it. i have 2 other boxes just waitin for the new firmware

2011-11-25 at 12:59PM UTC #4220

What games work with the UT System, tried Rage but it did not work!!!

2011-11-25 at 05:07PM UTC #4227

aztec rage is workin for me. make sure you clear your system cache before you try to play. and download the right bin file from for what region your in. i used the ntsc and it booted up. now it did ask me to download the update because mine is hooked to the internet. but when i’m done i also clear the cache again. hope this helps

2011-11-25 at 05:58PM UTC #4230

Thanks for the reply, I have tried both PAL versions available but they do not work. Try other games like MW3, batman city and they worked. Read it only works with Tu earlier than 16Nov.

2011-11-25 at 06:52PM UTC #4233

Hi guys.

I have a question if one of you above can help me out.

So I got the dae.bin update, and my MW3 no longer boot.

I did the TU trick and got it to boot up offline.

My question is, how did some of you get it to work online?

If I sign into LIVE, it immediately asks me to download the latest update, but I figure if it downloads, it will just give me the disc error.

So is it possible to still go online with MW3, and if so how?


2011-11-25 at 07:45PM UTC #4234

Nevermind, I got it :D

2011-11-25 at 09:37PM UTC #4238

if you download the update you will be fine as in it will still boot but make sure you clear the cache before you try to play again or you will get the error. it will ask you to download the update everytime. i’m not worried about this xbox as i have 2 more that are ready to go when 3.0 comes out. but if your worried about gettin banned i wouldn’t play online

2011-11-27 at 07:17PM UTC #4374

i cant play the mw3 with this solution, and i am sure doing things with an order perfectly, im downloaded this updates (7550171B Modern Warfare 3 TU PAL NTSC/U 24. Nov 11 10:52) and (2FA96040 Modern Warfare 3 TU PAL 24. Nov 11 10:31) tried other updates too but not working for me any ideas how can i play the game online or offline ?

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