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2011-09-24 at 05:39PM UTC #1067

I live in iran and in iran we have to play ilegal copeis of games
i am sorry becuase i cant write english very well
because of xgd3 we cant play game. any game
gears of war 3 released and me and iranian gamer just watched
what are you doing c4eva
please hurry
im gonna be crazy if you dont release lt 2.0
please release lt 2.0 earlier
at least say when it will release
from iranian gamer

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2011-09-24 at 05:56PM UTC #1071

i will use easy english. stop asking 2.0. when 2.0 done you will see. maybe pick new country to live.

2011-09-24 at 06:16PM UTC #1072

/ that made me snot laugh

2011-09-24 at 06:27PM UTC #1073

just shut up plz.ok?
i’m from iran too.but i’m not asshole like won’t release until first week of shut the hell up and wait for the release.ok?
c4eva can u block this guy in the forum?!

2011-09-24 at 07:12PM UTC #1075

what people don’t understand is that he is doing allot of his work for free the only money he makes off this is donations. so please don’t rush me along he has been doing a great job for years at keeping the firmware update and working great i have been modding all the way back from 1.6 and yet to be banned major part of C4eva and me using my head and not playing games before they come out.

The new Protection this is on Warhammer and Gears is very different from the rest it is going to take some work. as of right now he is testing the firmware to Rip the games but we cant burn them because the ISO img is actually abit bigger then a DL DVD so that is what they are working on right now.

So please give the man some time it is not something that is going to happen over night and to be honest it might not happen till December or January so just enjoy the older games you can play and wait for it to be released.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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