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2012-01-26 at 08:14AM UTC #5884


I have an xbox 360 with a BENQ flashed with LT 3.0.
I have a iHAS624B flashed with ixtreme firmware.
and I use the latest abgx360 to insure iso’s are stealthed correctly with topology data.
I use Verbatim MKM003 and burn then at 2.4x or with OPC on at 4x
My consoles dashboard is 2.0.14699.0

Here is my question:
Before the silent update, my XGD3 games worked fine on LT 2.0, and all could be copied to the HDD
After the silent update, I updated to LT3.0, checked my rips with abgx and reburned the games
But none of them can be copied to HDD, they all fail at 50%, tried different settings of IMGBURN (as suggested by a lot of people), without success, games also freeze at acertain moment when playing.

Anyone had this problem and has anyone been able to solve it, succesfully?

2012-01-26 at 10:06PM UTC #5889

they fail at 50% because that is the edge of the disc on the first layer where you are pushing the boundaries of the disc’s physical limits. you could try to adjust your laser a little or try burning with different settings. don’t expect never to waste any discs, it’s not a perfect process.

2012-01-28 at 03:30PM UTC #5902

This is what worked for me;
1) Read the ISO with Imageburn from my old backups (without the AP 2.5 patch, for example Gears 3, CoDMW3, Ace Combat AH, etc.)
2) Patch the ISO with Xbox Backup Creator
3) Burn the patched ISO with imageburn
Good luck!

2012-01-28 at 05:39PM UTC #5906

Thnx for al replies. Seems that the problem had to do with my “new”laser in the DVD drive of the xbox. Tried games in another console, and they all work. Have now several backups of the same game, but have at least now a working one.
thjnx again for helping

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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