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2011-12-10 at 03:40AM UTC #4950

Since there is no private messaging here, this is the next best way to contact you directly unless you use AIM hah Anyway…

I was checking out what xconsoles had to offer in terms of NAND and RGH items and I see that they have “XECUTER COOLRUNNER PHAT BUNDLE” in stock for $32.95 which includes:

And also the NAND-X for $39.95. Would that be everything I’d need to RGH and dump my NAND to investigate the OSIG or is there something else needed? For $72 + shipping I would hope that those two products alone would be everything necessary to do what we were discussing in the “which hitachi 78/79 don’t do AP2.5 checks” thread.

I have a Zephyr motherboard, if that is relevant.

2011-12-10 at 04:03AM UTC #4951

i don’t think you need that bundle. you can get the coolrunner by itself for $20. the qsb kit already comes with the nand-x so you would end up with duplicates of that. the capacitor comes with the $20 coolrunner and that is “for problem Jaspers” anyway. and the two cables are just for power and data to program the coolrunner. but if you buy the nand-x you can just use that to program it as long as you get the nand-x to coolrunner cable (which is what was out of stock when i ordered, but it says they have 357 of them now. so if you buy these intead of the bundle:

along with the nand-x:

it will save you $8, plus it will be an easier way to program the coolrunner than using LPT.

2011-12-10 at 04:17AM UTC #4953

Thanks for the reply, I see that the NAND-X to CoolRunner cable mentions a CK3 Pro but I don’t have one of those. I bought the Blaster CK3 when it first came out so I didn’t need to dismantle my box for every firmware update. Would I need a CK3 Pro as well, or just the three items you listed?

2011-12-10 at 04:24AM UTC #4954

just what i listed, as long as the nand-x you get is already version 3. which they say on xconsoles that the ones they ship are. the ck3 pro (or ck3i) would just be used to update the nand-x if it’s version 2 (if you buy the extra cable), so you won’t need that. i only had problems because i ordered my nand-x from divineo and they can’t be bothered to update their nand-x stock. my fault for not reading where it said “compatible with nandpro v2.0e”

it seems like they are always coming out with new versions, new models, new cables, to make everything easier. it also makes them money, but i guess if no one bought it, they wouldn’t be able to make anything for us at all.

when your stuff arrives and you are ready to get down to business, let me know. i will show you the tutorial i found to be the clearest and most compatible for the team xecuter gear we are referring to. no youtube videos to watch or pdfs to download. nice clear pictures with each step.

2011-12-10 at 04:45AM UTC #4956

Alright so I will just need the three items you listed then since xconsoles does indeed state their NAND-X is updated to version 3.

Everything comes to about $70 shipped with USPS Priority, which isn’t bad considering everything that comes with each item. Looks like I know what I’m getting myself for an early Christmas present to keep me busy on the boring weekends ;) I may even throw in the DVD Linker cables (power & SATA) since I expected to pay about $78 shipped originally anyway so I can modify the power cable as a backup to my completely homemade power cable project I posted in the “What happened to Hitachi 79 2.0″ thread a while back that I currently have hooked up to my BenQ ripping drive.

I hear ya about “new and improved” versions of nearly everything that comes out seemingly every couple of months. I do agree though, if it wasn’t worth buying then they wouldn’t make money and thus they would be unable to provide new future products that we will inevitably want. I suppose that is just capitalism at work.

Thanks again for the help my friend, I was definitely pretty lost before you pointed me in the right direction. Hopefully someday this place will have private messaging so we don’t have to rely on posting new threads if we want to get in touch with someone directly hah =P Time to lay down, I gotta work for a few hours in the AM, take it easy m8!

I will probably try to order them tomorrow or Monday so I can hopefully get to play with them next weekend. Either way, I’ll definitely let you know when they arrive =)

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2011-12-18 at 12:46AM UTC #5126

Hey Quick! Not sure if this post will bump my thread for long or not, but hopefully you notice the latest post and read it.

I just wanted to let ya’ know that I got my “Xecuter NAND-X”, “Xecuter CoolRunner” and the “Xecuter NAND-X to CoolRunner JTAG cable” today from xconsoles. The NAND-X box indeed says that it is version 3.0, so that’s a plus. I won’t be able to play with any of it until next weekend unfortunately, I have to replace the color-wheel in my parents Samsung DLP so that will take up most of my time this evening and some of Sunday. (Sunday nights are reserved for other obligations, of which is not necessarily important to detail here but let’s just say that it’s a part of what is keeping me out of a 4-year prison sentence =P)

I have a short work week (Mon-Thur) and a long weekend (Fri-Mon) due to the upcoming holiday so that would likely be the best time to get working on my 360 with the new toys. Is there anything that needs to be done or prepped PRIOR to installation of the NAND-X and CoolRunner, either on the computer or Xbox, or does it all essentially take place once they are installed in my system? I must admit a bit of ignorance, I don’t know a whole lot about either device or their full list of functions & features. I have a Blaster CK3 installed for my firmware flashing, but that shouldn’t really interfere with this project, however, I thought I would throw it out there just in case.

As I said, hopefully you’ll see this sometime before next weekend so you can direct me to the tutorial you spoke highly of for the NAND-X and CoolRunner we’re referencing. I definitely do not want crappy, low-res and vague youtube videos made by some prepubescent kid who clearly is as clueless as myself, so at least we’re on the same wave-length in those regards. Oh, and ditto on the pdf’s! lol Detailed steps that are explaining quality pictures like you mentioned is right up my alley =)

2011-12-18 at 02:54AM UTC #5130

Bump, bump bump! We the Kottonmouth Kings and we don’t give a fuck I said bump, bump bump! ;)

2011-12-19 at 08:59AM UTC #5144


2011-12-20 at 06:58PM UTC #5153

Very, very cool. Thanks a lot Quick =)
The only thing I’m a little hesitant about is updating my dash from 13604 to 13699. I really don’t want to be hit with the DAE update even though my tests seem to show that my 79 doesn’t perform AP25 but I would kind of like to avoid the DAE for as long as possible “just in case”. I can see the note included saying how important it is to be on the current dash due to possible incorrect CPU LDV values. 13699 was only made public a little over a week ago, so I wonder just how likely it would be to run into problems staying on 13604? Probably not worth the risk I suppose…I don’t know.

I rarely update my dash, the only time I have in the past was when a game included & required the update before playing.

The rest of that tutorial is excellent, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before (I’m a member on those forums). I think I may have been checking their JTAG tutorials and overlooked the RGH altogether. Regardless, terrific find and again I certainly appreciate the link =)

2011-12-20 at 08:08PM UTC #5154

you can still do the rgh for an xbox on dash 14699. but until someone releases it, you still have to build a 13604 rgh dash anyway. however, as you said it’s not necessary until a new game requires it. i would just dump the 13604 nand, follow the tutorial, and then when someone releases a way to build a rgh dash with version 14699, you can just update to that using a usb drive if you want.

actually i just found this. if you stop the tutorial i gave you when you get to the part with putting files on the usb drive and booting to xell, then just use this tutorial and create 14699 files and put those on the usb drive.


also multi builder v0.7 is out also (newer than what’s posted in last link)

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