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2011-11-28 at 08:55PM UTC #4475

We tested lots of hitachi drives so that only 46/47 and 78/79 are NOT playing backups (made from our original)
they give unrecognized disk or 1 red light so 46/47 and 78/79 are need FIX . their LT+ 2.0 need to be fix
but other hitachi are fine so far .

P.S : it doesn’t matter the write. we use both LT max (ver disk) and old way write with 2.4x. both doesn’t work on 46/47 and 78/79 . and also lasers are fine that they read the originals NOT backups (made from our original games)
until solid solution w8 for fix from The C4eva

Update : We used latest dashboard to check games on all hitachis so we are so sure that the problem is with the FW LT+ 2.0 for hitachi.

From our final testing is that so far hitachi 46/47 and hitachi 78/79 are NOT Working .

And the last thing is ONLY XGD3 games don’t work.

2011-11-28 at 09:25PM UTC #4476

Bullshit.. every XGD3 backup is working well on hitachi47, so far. Ive not found any backup what aint working like original. Got IHAS124 burner and verbs(MKM003) and bckups are burned with IMGBURN 4x OPC on , tested with Kprobe. XBL is working well too.

2011-11-28 at 10:41PM UTC #4480

Well aint you the lucky one! So the rest of the 4x and 7x users reporting errors ME included are full of shit eh. Pretty weird coincidence if nearly all of us are having problems. Croc of shit is my opinion. Thanks to C4Eva for picking up on our plight is all we should be saying…..

2011-11-28 at 10:51PM UTC #4481

good thing he tested the hitachi drivers 4 weeks OH WAIT

2011-11-29 at 12:15AM UTC #4483

My 79 isn’t working and I knew from the minute I tested it there had to be a fw issue. I’m just glad its been addressed after only two days. I’ve tried loading an original then swapping, installing original all still causing one red ring. A small amount of ppl are reporting success. My only theory is their drive revision. Each model has a few revisions. Maybe I’m wrong and it doesn’t matter but, since some claim it works thats the only logical explanation I can gather. I must of wasted ten different forms of media over the last few days seeing if that would help it. At least now I know to sit back and wait and I’m glad I didn’t immediately toss all the discs I made.

2011-11-29 at 12:18AM UTC #4484

Just curious for the 47 hitachi users out there what are the two letters after your drive rev? Mine is DJ and I have had no issues playing XGD3 backups. I used verbs., IHAS, 2.4x without OPC and dvd booktype is set to DVD-ROM.

I’m assuming everyone flashed to stock first and then to LT 2.0 (i don’t think Jungleflasher lets you flash ixtreme on top of an older version). Also it’s been said that trunc’s are junk.

2011-11-29 at 02:22AM UTC #4490

my goodness… some people are having problems, some people are not. that doesn’t mean other people are lying, just because they have different results than you. there are many factors at play here, media quality, burn quality, different games, different xbox models, different dashboard versions, and even different revisions of the same drive number. everyone has the same goal, just to get things working. if you have success, then good, share that, that can rule out some issues, but it does no good to tell someone they are just plain wrong. i have read lots of people having problems with lots of different situations.

ghost says only xgd3 problems with 4x and 7x drives, but it works fine for croc and aeternal… i have heard people having problems with 5x model. i have also heard people having problems with all types of discs, even xgd2 originals. someone i read had a 79, flashed to 2.0, then reverted to 1.9 once they notified a fix was coming, but now he said he can’t play ANY discs. it could be any number of things. but unless we know everything about each person’s situation, how can we tell. i assume that was the purpose of this thread. personally i have had no failures with hitachi, but that’s because i don’t have one.

2011-11-29 at 06:07AM UTC #4503

I Have 47 and it has no problem with xdg2 but all of my xdg3 game doesn’t start and i get bad disk Error.

2011-11-29 at 07:17AM UTC #4505

Hitachi47 here, using IHAS w/ Memorex discs. Stock burner max firmware forces the discs to 4.0x and I got nothing but coasters. Modified the firmware to allow 2.4x and set 512mb buffering in ImgBurn, otherwise I kept all the other ImgBurn settings to default (which includes OPC off). XGD3′s burn and play like a charm now. Never had any luck burning XGD2 backups at 4.0x either.

Never gave truncs a second glance, $20 bucks for the ability to make solid backups is fine by me.

2011-11-29 at 07:25AM UTC #4506

BlastingwC4 , how did you modified the firmware to allow 2.4x ?!

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