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2011-12-05 at 06:18PM UTC #4778

@ BigWullie I think your driver laser is too weak.. try pot fix it or get new one.

2011-12-05 at 08:49PM UTC #4781

I have a 47 that I flashed to 2.0 last night. Tried 2 xdg3 games so far, and both boot up and run. Burned with the iHas burner firmware using Verbatim MKM001′s.

2011-12-06 at 07:41AM UTC #4795

Well, i have the 4647 and XGD3 games are not working.
Can anyone tell me if i buy an IHAS will this problem be solved?
However, could i play in my 5 already burned discs after the Hitachi LT 2,0 patch will be created? Or should i throw them in a trashbin ? =)

2011-12-09 at 08:29AM UTC #4904

I have a 47 and a 59 both work perfect since I got an IHAS burner. The other rips don’t work you need the IHAS. I am burning on memorex and the drives are old as dirt but its enough to get them installed to the HD (I dont play online so I dont care)

great work on the firmware

2011-12-09 at 02:44PM UTC #4912

Hi, I wanted to expose a problem: I have a hitachi V47 driver, I ran the flash at Lt 2.0, with JungleFlasher 1.90 (292) and I burned a xgd3 with iXtreme Burner MAX (to do this I used the liteon iHAS124B, with its firmware ). Also I had previously updated the dashboard to 13599, but the hitachi, after everything, does not recognize the backup XGD3. Can you tell me where I’m wrong, or if it is a problem of lt2.0?

2011-12-09 at 03:29PM UTC #4913

I have a couple of spare 47′s and i haven’t tried them since i put LT 2.0 on one when the new FW came out and it also wouldn’t read XGD3′s that my other drives Lite-on ben-q and sammy’s would so i gave up and put them away for spares. But if some people do have success with them working then perhaps i should give it another go with both drives, I just figured it was a bad FW because after returning the 47 back to stock it worked flawlessly so put the errors down to the FW.. I will get back on this…

2011-12-09 at 09:24PM UTC #4920

Has anybody had issues even playing original XDG3 games? I have tried GOW3(retail) and MW3(retail) and received unrecognized disk error. I’m running Lt. 2.0 on hitachi 47dj with dash 13604. My original drive was a lite on drive that died, and I replaced it last year with my old 47. Plays most backups but , CODMW2, COD BO, HALO reach wont load ,and it seems all XDG3 games, even originals. Any thoughts??

2011-12-10 at 10:46PM UTC #4974

Dook44 If your original drive was a lite on you need to get another liteon to replace it. You console performs ap 2.5 checks the Hitachi you’ve got now doesn’t so the checks fail and the game will not play even original discs will not work.

2011-12-11 at 11:34PM UTC #4990

I need help

I have a Hitachi 79 FL drive and gave the same problem. I bought an identical one and wonder how I insert my key in this new drive.

2011-12-13 at 06:20AM UTC #5018

Odd I have a 59 in a system that originally had a 79 hitachi. Original xgd3 didn’t work until I updated to 2.0 and now they do as do backups

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