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2012-03-05 at 03:40AM UTC #6367

Been just keeping my xbox offline for a while. Wanted to update to play XGD3 backups. I flashed back to stock, and updated to the newest dash.

Am i safe to flash 2.1 on my drive (newest) and stay offline? Or am i taking a risk of being flagged since im updated (not going to be plugged in after flashing new FW.

If the answer is “no, wait until its checked” then why is this last check taking so long? Could it be because the last dash update is a significant one?

Also: I have a Hitachi. Any eta on the release of 3.0 on that drive?

thanks in advance.

2012-03-05 at 10:59AM UTC #6368

if there is something to detect cfw and cause a secret flag, then it’s possible for that to happen offline and stay flagged until you go online again, or ever worse a future dash update could check for those flags and prevent updating or who knows what. so if you really want to be safe, then you should wait.

no one knows why the check is taking a while, maybe he has other things to do, or maybe his sister is in the hospital or anything…

no eta for hitachi 3.0, and just to mention, i personally did the update, as i am not too worried about getting banned/bricked/anything. one thing that helps is i have a nand dump, so even if they ban me from xbox live and disable my console i can reflash the nand and still be good for offline use. besides xboxes are replaceable, it’s not like they are going to cut off one of my fingers :P

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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