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2012-08-19 at 10:21PM UTC #7705

Just to clarify a few things first;
* YES I use Verb 43667 discs
* YES I have flashed the IHAS-124B drive with the proper firmware
* YES I have the proper settings via IMGBURN
* YES My cabling and PC are intact.

Right.. now that’s cleared up… onto my main point.
When the hell, are you going to use a better drive than the Liteon versions.. Pioneers are MUCH better quality all around.

I have now gone through 4X IHAS drives in under 90 days.. all of them come brand new and are cleaned regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

Sorry, Liteon are a crap brand for burning drives.. is anything being done to use better quality drives instead of something ‘Liteon tech?’ If not – WHY not?

Instead of blaming everything BUT the drive tech.. why not admit that the wrong choice was made when it came to the picking of which drive could be used.

The future of the 360 scene DEPENDS on you fixing this problem.

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