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2011-09-23 at 07:46PM UTC #1019

i was just wondering, since we all know lt 1.9 spoofed drives can’t read xgd3 originals…

will lt 2.0 be the same with spoofed drives and not be able to play any xgd3 games ?

or will it be able to read xgd3 backups and originals ?

hopefully someone knowledgable can confirm any of this either way.


2011-09-24 at 09:40AM UTC #1042

I didn’t know lt 1.9 spoofed drives couldn’t read xgd3 originals. My Hitachi 47 spoofed drive with lt 1.1 can read xgd3 originals

2011-09-24 at 03:58PM UTC #1063

spoofed drives cant read ap.25/26 if its gxd3 or 2 does not matter as 1.91 1.92 2.0 support gxd3 orig. disc spoofed drive will not read ap.25/26 and prob never will

2011-09-25 at 05:48PM UTC #1168

yeah i guess hitachis aren’t affected by this ? not suprised…

but yeah my benq spoofed as lite on couldn’t read gears 3…

can anyone else confirm this about LT 2.0 ?

i guess it won’t….

2011-09-25 at 07:07PM UTC #1173

Something he knows roughly how long it will change again for supporting XGD3 +2.0 LT?
Qualcosa sa all’incirca quanto tempo occorrera ancora per la modifica LT+2.0 che supporta XGD3?

2011-09-28 at 01:39PM UTC #1259

@twisted untrue i have a samsung spoofed as a liteon and im playing black ops and reach right now u have to spoof the right way and it will work

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2011-09-28 at 09:20PM UTC #1282

yeah we’re talking about xgd3 originals/backups here….not xgd2….those work on spoofed drives.

and if xgd3 on spoofed drive won’t work on lt 2.0 ?

can anyone answer this question ?

get word to c4eva possibly ? or anyone involved an can truely answer this question.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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