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2011-11-20 at 04:29AM UTC #4038

Someone please answer a few questions..
I have 4 xbox’s
one samsung with pre dash 13599 and LT+
one hitachi 78 or 79 can’t remember with dash 13599 and LT+1.1
one benq 6038 with dash 13604 and LT+ 2.0 ( I’m currently using for xgd3 games, offline since flash)
one Halo ed. hitachi with original stock dash and not modded, never turned on from 2007. Backup for online or to mod offline with fw.. or jtag (which i don’t know much about).

1. Can I swap the hard drive with my profile from a modded offline 360 to one that’s NOT modded and online to play my originals online safely? I used to do this years ago when I first bought my launch sammy 360, and not sure if new protection catches if a hard drive profile was used on a modded xbox, flagging it.

2. With the latest hidden update, how would one update my samsung LT+ drive to latest 2.01 and dash? Do I flash to stock, update to only 13604 via usb from a link and not M$ site, then flash to 2.01? Or can I just flash stock, go online and get latest dash update, then flash 2.01 fw?

3. Since Hitachi upates are most likely pushed back, can I just flash my LT+1.9 drive to stock and go online as a stock 360, while swapping my hard drive if possible?

Thank you

2011-11-20 at 07:09AM UTC #4041

I’m almost sure ur profile isn’t affected at all at least I know they wont ban ur profile. An admin from microsoft wrote a blog about what happens if u get flagged for piracy (google it). Also as for updating ur console just flash back to stock and slap in ur hard drive and take update. U can’t update with a usb stick u need the hard drive. Just in case just check around alittle bit but I’m pretty sure everything I said was correct. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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