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2011-11-22 at 03:29PM UTC #4111

In brief: Can I swap one Hitachi firmware version for another at will?

In detail: I’ve a 360 with a Hitachi 79 in it. I’ve gotten a version 59. If I copy the key to the 59 and swap it in, making the Xbox immune to AP2.5, will the Xbox be Live safe?

I’m aware of LT3′s development but, having hardware incapable of the checks to begin with has a certain appeal also.


2011-11-22 at 05:07PM UTC #4118

Your xbox stock drive is Hitachi 79, so it does AP25 checks and motherboard support AP25 aswell. If you swap drive/fw to pre 78/79 hitachi it fail ap25 checks because earlier drive cannot handle AP25 responses.

There is no way to remove AP25 checks if your motherboard already support it.

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2011-11-22 at 05:08PM UTC #4119

no i dont think it will because your xbox will still attempt to check the ap2.5 ^^^ wow i was a sec to late lol

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