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2012-10-27 at 03:47AM UTC #7973

[TUTORIAL] Easy way To Update Jtag/RGH To 16197 Dash


What would you need

1 An xbox360 jtagged

2 A computer

3 And a usb flash drive that must “FAT32 formatted”

1 : First of all plug usb drive with computer and format as Fat32. then copy “flash 360″ folder in root of usb drive (linked below)(download and unrar) now remove it.


2 : plug usb drive with xbox360 and turn it on.

3 : launch xexmenu or fsd and go to usb drive and then “flash 360″ folder (you just copied to usb drive) and run Flash360.xex file.

4 : You,ll see three options :

Button A : write updflash.bin to nand

Button B : write update areas of rebooters

Button X : backup current nand to file

now becareful press X button from your 360 controller to backup nand and then it will ask for

save entire nand then press A button to continue.

that will save your nand backup named “flashdmp.bin” file in the root of “flash 360″ folder.

5 : shutdown your xbox360 console and remove usb drive from xbox360.

6 : plug usb drive to your computer and just copy “flashdmp.bin” file from “flash 360″ folder to your pc anywhere you want.

7 : now you have to need your cpu key. its very simple just press eject button on xbox360 console and wait for boot

8 : once cpu key shows up bottom of your screen, please read very carefully and copy it down on a papper and make a .txt (text document)

on your computer and type the cpu key then save it where you want.

9 : now download “xeBuild_GUI_2.085″ file (linked below) unrar it and you,ll find “xeBuild_GUI_2.085″ folder. ( i have updated and downloaded $SystemUpdate_16197 file in this file. you dont need to do anything)


10 : run “xeBuild GUI 2.0.exe” file from this folder

11 : expand “kernel version” and set 2.0.16197.0. (if this already set 2.0.16197.0 so leave it as it is)

and now click on source file “open” button and open “flashdmp.bin” file you just copied from usb drive to your computer.

12 : now click on “Get cpukey from keys.txt” button and open your saved cpu key.

13 : and click on output path “save” button and named it “updflash” then save it where you want.

14 : then hit “Generate hacked image” button and wait a while then it,ll pop up a message and click on “yes” button.

15 : now copy “updflash.bin”( you have just created and saved in wherever your computer ) to “flash 360″ folder in usb drive.

16 : remove usb drive from computer and plug in xbox360. now turn on your xbox360.

17 : launch xexmenu or fsd and go to usb drive and then “flash 360″ folder and run Flash360.xex file.

18 : You,ll see these three options again :

Button A : write updflash.bin to nand

Button B : write update areas of rebooters

Button X : backup current nand to file

now press A button from your 360 controller to write updflash.bin. then press A again to “raw flash with keeping current kv/config”

then press A Button then start button to continue.

19 : let it 100% complete then press any button then back buttton after countdown unplug your xbox360 power cable and av cables and any attached hdd for 2 minutes.

20 : after 2 minutes plug back all cables and turn on your xbox360 then configure your new 16197 dash do not connect live just enjoy your new dash.

How to recover Avatars

1 : plug your usb drive with computer. run “xeBuild GUI 2.0.exe” again.

2 : click on “Download” tab then click on “update drive list” button and find your usb drive in the letter. make sure “dashboard version[Avatars]” and “dashboard version [dashfiles]” both should be 2.0.16197.0.

3 : click on “prepare drive” button. that will creat an update for your xbox360 in usb drive. ok now remove usb drive from computer.

4 : plug usb drive in xbox360 and reboot the console. after reboot xbox360 will prompt for update. then update your xbox360 that will reboot automatically. that,s all you have done.

2012-10-29 at 01:03PM UTC #7991


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2012-11-02 at 12:21AM UTC #8039


Would you please upload the required avatar files that are compatible with XeBuild GUI 2.085 (so I can simply click Prepare Drive) to a site that doesn’t suck? The manual download through the program itself constantly fails, just drops with an error around 20-25%. Tried the crappygator link above since it sounds as though you’ve included the necessary files but I forgot to disable IDM sooo now I can’t download for “15 minutes,” yet it’s been over a half-hour since I last tried.

My dash/kernal is already updated to 16197 NXE/FSD using the XeBuild GUI, but I simply can NOT get the fucking avatar shit to install.

And to top off my wonderful week, the issues I’ve been having trying to perform the money mod with AC3 have been an absolute nightmare compared to AC2, ACB and ACR. Every single time I try to load the rehashed/resigned save after hex editing the appropriate hex, I get some BS about a “fatal error overted” or some crap then booted back to NXE. Shit is really pissing me off. Any help please??

2012-11-02 at 12:23AM UTC #8040

Oh now this time (through XeBuild GUI), the avatar download made it to 40% and spit out:

There was an error during the download:

System.Net.WebException: An exception occurred during a WebClient request. —> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed.
at System.Net.ConnectStream.EndRead(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBitsReadCallbackState(DownloadBitsState state, IAsyncResult result)
— End of inner exception stack trace —

I’m at a fucking loss right now between the avatar bullshit and the money mod epic fail.

2012-11-02 at 12:29AM UTC #8041

Okay, nevermind, sorry.. Went directly to the XeBuild website and downloaded the damn update. Now if someone could get my AC3 money mod working I’d be a happy camper.

2012-11-02 at 12:45AM UTC #8042

Off-topic, sorry.

“FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED” when attempting to load the money-mod save I edited, the same fuckin way all other AC games were done. Un-fucking-believable.

2012-11-09 at 06:48PM UTC #8091

During the writing the flash back to the xbox phase, when you press A the second time it states “KEV miss-match” for some reason, I know it still works (because it did for me), but is this anything to worry about? And shouldn’t we be updating the keyvault?

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